# YIOremote Binding

This binding will control a YIO Dock/Remote combination. YIO Remote/Dock is a smart home solution that includes an IP based remote. More information can be found at yio-remote (opens new window) or in the forums at yio-remote (opens new window).

This binding has been designed to compliment the YIO websocket Transport Protocol.

Since this binding allows actual you to trigger IR send/receive actions on YIO Dock, this allows you to use the YIO Dock as an IR solution to openHAB and even learn new IR codes from your remotes. In other words, if the IR code is known then openHAB can use the YIO Dock to control that Device regardless if there is an openHAB binding for it or not.

# Supported Things

  • Thing Type ID: yioRemoteDock

The following are the configurations available to each of the bridges/things:

# YIO Dock

Name Type Required Default Description
host string Yes (None) Host/IP Address or host name of the YIO Dock
accesstoken string Yes 0 The authentication token for the access currently 0

# Channels

# YIO Dock

The YIO Dock has the following channels:

Channel Input/Output Item Type Description
receiverswitch Input Switch The switch to enable disable the IR receiving diode/function
status Output String The status of the YIO Dock. If the reciever is on than the recognized IR code will be displayed otherwise the IR send status is displayed of the last IR code send.

# Actions

With the YIO remote action, you can send IR Codes via the YIO Remote Dock.

# Example

rule "yioremote Action Example"
    val actions = getActions("yioremote", "yioremote:yioRemoteDock:livingroom")
    if (actions === null)

# Full Example


yioremote:yioRemoteDock:livingroom [     host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx",    accesstoken="0"  ]


Switch     receiverswitch    "IR recieving switch"     {channel="yioremote:yioRemoteDock:livingroom:input#    receiverswitch"}
String     status            "YIO Dock status[%s]"     {channel="yioremote:yioRemoteDock:livingroom:output#    status"}


sitemap Basic label="YIO Dock" {
    Switch item=receiverswitch
    Text item=status