BigAssFan Binding

The BigAssFan binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and Big Ass Fans' Haiku family of residential fans and lights that implement the SenseME technology.


Fans and lights are discovered dynamically. There is a single thing created for each fan and/or connected to the network. Each thing has channels that allow control of the fan and light, as well as to monitor the status. When a fan or light is controlled from the remote control, Wall Controller, or smartphone app, the openHAB items linked to the device's channels will be updated to reflect the status.

Device Discovery

The BigAssFan binding discovers Haiku fans and lights on the network, and creates an inbox entry for each discovered device. Once added as a thing, the user can control the fan and light, similarly to how the device is controlled using the remote, Wall Controller, or smartphone app.

Background discovery polls the network every few minutes for devices. Background discovery is enabled by default. To disable background discovery, add the following line to the conf/services/runtime.cfg file:


Thing Configuration

The device's IP address, MAC address, and name is set at time of discovery. However, in the event that any of this information changes, the configuration must be updated.

Manual Thing Creation

Fans and lights can be manually created in the PaperUI or HABmin, or by placing a .things file in the conf/things directory. See example below.


The following channels are supported for fans:

Channel NameItem TypeDescription
fan-powerSwitchPower on/off the fan
fan-speedDimmerAdjust the speed of the fan
fan-directionStringIndicates the direction in which the fan is turning
fan-autoSwitchEnable/disable fan auto mode
fan-whooshSwitchEnable/disable fan "whoosh" mode
fan-smartmodeStringSet Smartmode to HEATING, COOLING, or OFF
fan-learn-minspeedDimmerSet minimum fan speed for Smartmode COOLING
fan-learn-maxspeedDimmerSet maximum fan speed for Smartmode COOLING
fan-wintermodeSwitchEnable/disable fan winter mode
fan-speed-minDimmerSet minimum fan speed
fan-speed-maxDimmerSet maximum fan speed
light-powerSwitchPower on/off the light
light-levelDimmerAdjust the brightness of the light
light-autoSwitchEnable/disable light auto mode
light-smarterStringEnable/disable Smarter Lighting
light-level-minDimmerSet minimum light level for Smarter Lighting
light-level-maxDimmerSet maximum light level for Smarter Lighting
light-presentStringIndicates is a light is installed in the fan
motionSwitchMotion was detected
timeDateTimeFan's date and time

The following channels are supported for lights:

Channel NameItem TypeDescription
light-powerSwitchPower on/off the light
light-levelDimmerAdjust the brightness of the light
light-hueDimmerAdjust the color temperature of the light
light-presentStringIndicates if a light is installed
light-colorStringIndicates if the light supports hue adjustment
motionSwitchMotion was detected
timeDateTimeLight's date and time

The following channels are supported for wall controllers:

Channel NameItem TypeDescription
motionSwitchMotion was detected
timeDateTimeWall controllers date and time

Fan Items

The following item definitions would be used to control the fan.

Switch PorchFanPower                { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-power" }
Dimmer PorchFanSpeed                { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-speed" }
Switch PorchFanAuto                 { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-auto" }
Switch PorchFanWhoosh               { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-whoosh" }
String PorchFanSmartmode            { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-smartmode" }
Dimmer PorchFanSpeedMin             { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-learn-minspeed" }
Dimmer PorchFanSpeedMax             { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:fan-learn-maxspeed" }

The following item definitions would be used to control the light.

Switch PorchFanLightPower           { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-power" }
Dimmer PorchFanLightLevel           { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-level" }
Switch PorchFanLightAuto            { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-auto" }
Switch PorchFanLightSmarter         { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-smarter" }
Dimmer PorchFanLightLevelMin        { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-level-min" }
Dimmer PorchFanLightLevelMax        { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-level-max" }

The following read-only items are provided by the fan.

String PorchFanLightPresent         { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:light-present" }
Switch PorchFanMotionSensor         { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:motion" }
DateTime PorchFanTime               { channel="bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A:time" }

Light Items

Switch KitchenLightPower            { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:light-power" }
Dimmer KitchenLightLevel            { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:light-level" }
Switch KitchenLightHue              { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:light-hue" }

The following read-only items are provided by the light.

String KitchenLightPresent          { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:light-present" }
String KitchenLightColor            { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:light-color" }
Switch KitchenLightMotionSensor     { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:motion" }
DateTime KitchenLightTime           { channel="bigassfan:light:20F85EDA87A0:time" }

Wall Controller Items

The following read-only items are provided by the wall controller.

Switch PorchControllerMotionSensor  { channel="bigassfan:controller:20F85ED87F01:motion" }
DateTime PorchControllerTime        { channel="bigassfan:controller:20F85ED87F01:time" }


This is an example of how to set up your sitemap.

Frame label="Control My BigAssFan" {
    Switch item=PorchFanPower label="Fan Power [%s]"
    Slider item=PorchFanSpeed label="Fan Speed [%s %%]"
    Switch item=PorchFanLightPower label="Light Power [%s]"
    Slider item=PorchFanLightLevel label="Light Brightness [%s %%]"
Frame label="Control My Light" {
    Switch item=KitchenLightPower label="Light Power [%s]"
    Slider item=KitchenLightLevel label="Light Level [%s %%]"
    Slider item=KitchenLightHue label="Light Hue [%s]"

Manual Thing Creation

Place a file named bigassfan.things in the conf/things directory. The file should contain lines formatted like this.

bigassfan:fan:20F85EDAA56A [ label="Porch Fan", ipAddress="", macAddress="20:F8:5E:DA:A5:6A" ]

Unsupported Features

Standalone lights are not supported.