# MfFan Binding

This binding is used to enable communications between openHAB and "Modern Forms" or "WAC Lighting" WIFI connected, smart, ceiling fans.

# Supported Things

The binding currently supports the following thing:

Thing ID
mffan mffan Smart fans consisting of fan and optional integrated LED light

# Discovery

Auto discovery is not supported at this time.

# Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text Hostname or IP address of the device N/A yes no
refreshInterval integer Interval the device is polled in sec. 120 no yes

# Channels

Channel Type Read/Write Description
fan-on Switch RW Channel that turns the fan on/off.
fan-speed String RW Controls the fan's rate of rotation.
fan-direction String RW Controls the direction of the fan.
wind-on Switch RW Turn the fan's "wind mode" on/off.
wind-level String RW The amount of wind produced.
light-on Switch RW Turns the light on/off
light-intensity Number:Dimensionless RW Controls the intensity of the light

# Full Example

# Thing Configuration

mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d [label="Greatroom Fan", ipAddress="fan.greatroom.local", pollingPeriod = "120"]

# Item Configuration

  Switch Greatroom_Fan_Fan { channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:fan-on" }
  String Greatroom_Fan_Fan_Direction {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:fan-direction" }
  String Greatroom_Fan_Fan_Speed {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:fan-speed" }
  Switch Greatroom_Fan_Light {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:light-on" }
  Dimmer Greatroom_Fan_Light_Intensity {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:light-intensity" }
  Switch Greatroom_Fan_Wind {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:wind-on" }
  String Greatroom_Fan_Wind_Level {channel="mffan:mffan:db0bd2eb4d:wind-level" }

# Sitemap Configuration

Group icon=fan_ceiling label="Fan" item=Greatroom_Fan {
    Switch icon=switch label="Fan On/Off" item=Greatroom_Fan_Fan
    Selection label="Fan Speed" item=Greatroom_Fan_Fan_Speed
    Selection label="Fan Direction" item=Greatroom_Fan_Fan_Direction
    Switch icon=switch label="Window On/Off" item=Greatroom_Fan_Wind
    Selection label="Wind Level" item=Greatroom_Fan_Wind_Level
    Switch icon=switch label="Light On/Off" item=Greatroom_Fan_Light
    Slider label="Light Intensity" item=Greatroom_Fan_Light_Intensity