# HP Printer Binding

This binding supports HP Printers (opens new window), which are reachable through IP on the local network.

# Supported Things

There is only one thing type named printer. All channels are added dynamically depending on the type of printer and its capabilities.

# Discovery

This binding uses mDNS for discovering HP Printers on the local network.

# Thing Configuration

The configuration parameters are:

Parameter Name Type Required Default
IP Address ipAddress String yes
Usage Refresh Interval (seconds) usageInterval Integer 30
Status Refresh Interval (seconds) statusInterval Integer 4

# Channels

Channel Group Name Data Type
Printer Status status status String
Tray Empty/Open status trayEmptyOrOpen Switch
Scanner Status status scannerStatus String
ADF Loaded status scannerAdfLoaded Switch
Black Colour Level usage blackLevel Number:Dimensionless
Colour Level usage colorLevel Number:Dimensionless
Cyan Colour Level usage cyanLevel Number:Dimensionless
Magenta Colour Level usage magentaLevel Number:Dimensionless
Yellow Colour Level usage yellowLevel Number:Dimensionless
Black Marking Used usage blackMarker Number:Volume
Colour Marking Used usage colorMarker Number:Volume
Cyan Marking Used usage cyanMarker Number:Volume
Magenta Marking Used usage magentaMarker Number:Volume
Yellow Marking Used usage yellowMarker Number:Volume
Black Pages Remaining usage blackPagesRemaining Number
Colour Pages Remaining usage colorPagesRemaining Number
Cyan Pages Remaining usage cyanPagesRemaining Number
Magenta Pages Remaining usage magentaPagesRemaining Number
Yellow Pages Remaining usage yellowPagesRemaining Number
Total Number of Pages Printed Lifetime usage totalCount Number
Total Number of Colour Pages Printed usage totalColorCount Number
Total Number of Monochrome Pages Printed usage totalMonochromeCount Number
Paper Jams usage jamEvents Number
Missed Pick Events usage mispickEvents Number
Front Panel Cancel Count usage fpCancelCount Number
Subscription Count usage subscriptionCount Number
Scanner Document Feeder Count scanner totalAdf Number
Scanner Flatbed Count scanner totalFlatbed Number
Scanner Paper Jams scanner jamEvents Number
Scanner Missed Picks scanner mispickEvents Number
Scan Document Feeder Count scan totalAdf Number
Scan Flatbed Count scan totalFlatbed Number
Scan to Email Count scan totalToEmail Number
Scan to Folder Count scan totalToFolder Number
Scan to Host Count scan totalToHost Number
Copy Document Feeder Count copy totalAdf Number
Copy Flatbed Count copy totalFlatbed Number
Copy Total Pages Count copy totalCount Number
Copy Total Colour Pages Count copy totalColorCount Number
Copy Total Monochrome Pages Count copy totalMonochromeCount Number
Windows Page Count app totalWin Number
Android Page Count app totalAndroid Number
iOS Page Count app totalIos Number
OSX Page Count app totalOsx Number
Samsung Page Count app totalSamsung Number
Chrome Page Count app totalChrome Number
Google Cloud Print Count other cloudPrint Number


  • All channels are dynamically added at runtime.
  • The word color in channel names follows American spelling ("color").
  • The colorLevel, colorMarkingUsed and colorPagesRemaining channels are used on printers that have only a single color cartridge instead of separate Ccyan, magenta and yellow cartridges.
  • The scanner group is for the scanning engine which consists of scan, copy and other operations; the scan group is for scanner operations only.
  • If no status group channels are selected, then those relevant data endpoints on the Embedded Web Server are not polled for status information.

# Full Textual Example

# Thing File

Thing hpprinter:printer:djprinter "Printer" @ "Office" [ ipAddress="", usageInterval="30", statusInterval="4" ]

# Item File

String PrinterStatus "Status" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:status#status" }

Number:Dimensionless PrinterBlackLevel "Black Level" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:ink#blackLevel" }
Number:Dimensionless PrinterCyanLevel "Cyan Level" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:ink#cyanLevel" }
Number:Dimensionless PrinterMagentaLevel "Magenta Level" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:ink#magentaLevel" }
Number:Dimensionless PrinterYellowLevel "Yellow Level" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:ink#yellowLevel" }

Number PrinterTotalPages "Total Pages" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:usage#totalCount" }
Number PrinterTotalColourPages "Total Colour Pages" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:usage#totalColorCount" }
Number PrinterTotalMonochromePages "Total Monochrome Pages" { channel="hpprinter:printer:djprinter:usage#totalMonochromeCount" }

# Sitemap File

Black Ink displayed as a whole percentage - 60 %

Text item=hpprinter_printer_djprinter_ink_blackLevel label="Black [%.0f %unit%]"

Black Marker displayed in millilitres - 21 ml

Text item=hpprinter_printer_djprinter_usage_blackMarker label="Black Marker [%.0f %unit%]"

Black Marker displayed in litres - 0.021 l

Text item=hpprinter_printer_djprinter_usage_blackMarker label="Black Marker [%.3f l]"

Black Marker displayed in microlitres - 21000 µl

Text item=hpprinter_printer_djprinter_usage_blackMarker label="Black Marker [%.0f µl]"

Scanner Document Feeder loaded with text status display - ON or OFF

Text item=hpprinter_printer_djprinter_status_scannerAdfLoaded label="ADF Loaded [%s]"