# Amber Electric Binding

A binding that supports the Australian energy retailer Amber's API (https://www.amber.com.au/ (opens new window)) and provides data on the current pricing for buying and selling power, as well as the current level of renewables in the NEM.

# Supported Things

  • service Amber Electric API

# Discovery

The binding does not support auto discovery.

# Thing Configuration

As a minimum, the IP address is needed:

  • apiKey - The API key from the 'Developer' section of https://apps.amber.com.au (opens new window)
  • 'nmi' optional - the NMI for your property. Required if you have multiple properties with Amber
  • 'refresh' the refresh rate for querying the API.

# Channels

channel id type description
electricity-price Number:EnergyPrice Current price to import power from the grid
controlled-load-price Number:EnergyPrice Current price to import power for Controlled Load
feed-in-price Number:EnergyPrice Current price to export power to the grid
electricity-status String Current price status of grid import
controlled-load-status String Current price status of controlled load import
feed-in-status String Current price status of Feed-In
nem-time String NEM time of last pricing update
renewables Number:Dimensionless Current level of renewables in the grid
spike Switch Report if the grid has a current price spike

# Full Example

# amberelectric.things:

amberelectric:service:AmberElectric [ apiKey="psk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ]

# amberelectric.items:

Number:EnergyPrice AmberElectric_ElectricityPrice { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:electricity-price" }
Number:EnergyPrice AmberElectric_ControlledLoadPrice { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:controlled-load-price" }
Number:EnergyPrice AmberElectric_FeedInPrice { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:feed-in-price" }
String AmberElectric_ElectricityStatus { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:electricity-status" }
String AmberElectric_ControlledLoadStatus { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:controlled-load-status" }
String AmberElectric_FeedInStatus { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:feed-in-status" }
String AmberElectric_nemtime { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:nem-time" }
Number AmberElectric_Renewables { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:renewables" }
Switch AmberElectric_Spike { channel="amberelectric:service:AmberElectric:spike" }

# amberelectric.sitemap:

Text item=AmberElectric_ElectricityPrice label="Electricity Price"
Text item=AmberElectric_ControlledLoadPrice label="Controlled Load Price"
Text item=AmberElectric_FeedInPrice label="Feed-In Price"
Text item=AmberElectric_ElectricityStatus label="Electricity Price Status"
Text item=AmberElectric_ControlledLoadStatus label="Controlled Load Price Status"
Text item=AmberElectric_FeedInStatus label="Feed-In Price Status"
Text item=AmberElectric_nemtime label="Current time of NEM pricing"
Text item=AmberElectric_Renewables label="Renewables Level"
Switch item=AmberElectric_Spike  label="Spike Status"