# BSB-LAN Binding

This binding uses the REST API of BSB-LPB-PPS-LAN (opens new window) to obtain data from the device.

# Supported Things

Currently the binding supports the following thing types:

Thing Type Description
bridge Represents the BSB-LAN device.
parameter Represents a single parameter available at the BSB-LAN device.

# Discovery

There is no discovery implemented. You have to create your Things manually and specify the hostname/IP of the BSB-LAN device in the Bridge.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

# Bridge Thing Configuration

Property Default Required Type Description
host - Yes String The hostname or IP address of the BSB-LAN device.
port 80 No Integer The port where the BSB-LAN device is listening.
passkey - No String The passkey required to access the BSB-LAN device.
username - No String The username required to access the BSB-LAN device (when using HTTP Basic Authentication).
password - No String The password required to access the BSB-LAN device (when using HTTP Basic Authentication).
refreshInterval 60 No Integer Specifies the refresh (poll) interval in seconds. Minimum value: 5s

# Parameter Thing Configuration

Property Default Required Type Description
id - Yes Integer Specific parameter identifier (numeric value)
setId value of id No Integer Parameter identifier used for set requests (numeric value).
If not specified it falls back to the value of the id property.
setType SET No String Message type used for set requests. Possible values are: INF or SET.
If not specified or unknown it falls back to SET.

Note: If you would also like to use the binding to set parameter values, ensure you have flashed the BSB-LAN adapter in write mode (see your BSB_lan_config.h)

# Channels

# Parameter Thing Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description
name String Name of the parameter as provided by the BSB-LAN device.
number-value Number Value of the parameter converted to a numerical value (if possible).
The value is published as DecimalType(int) for values of datatype DT_ENUM and DecimalType(double) otherwise.
string-value String Value of the parameter as provided by the BSB-LAN device.
switch-value Switch Value of the parameter.
0 is interpreted as OFF, everything else as ON.
unit String Unit as provided by the BSB-LAN device (HTML unescaping applied).
description String Description as provided by the BSB-LAN device.
datatype Number Datatype as provided by the BSB-LAN device. Possible values are currently
0 for DT_VALS: plain value
1 for DT_ENUM: value (8/16 Bit) followed by space followed by text
2 for DT_BITS: bit value followed by bitmask followed by text
3 for DT_WDAY: weekday
4 for DT_HHMM: hour:minute
5 for DT_DTTM: date and time
6 for DT_DDMM: day and month
7 for DT_STRN: String
8 for DT_DWHM: PPS time (day of week, hour:minute)

# Full Example


Bridge bsblan:bridge:heating [host="", refreshInterval=30, username="atari", password="800xl"] {
    Thing parameter p700  [id=700]
    Thing parameter p710  [id=710]
    Thing parameter p8730 [id=8730]


Number BsbParameter700NumberValue  { channel="bsblan:parameter:heating:p700:number-value" }
Number BsbParameter710NumberValue  { channel="bsblan:parameter:heating:p710:number-value" }
String BsbParameter8730Description { channel="bsblan:parameter:heating:p8730:description" }


sitemap bsblan label="BSB-LAN" {
    Selection item=BsbParameter700NumberValue label="Operating Mode" mappings=[0="Protection", 1="Automatic", 2="Reduced", 3="Comfort"] icon="heating"
    Setpoint item=BsbParameter710NumberValue label="Room Temperature Comfort Setpoint [%.1f °C]" icon="temperature" minValue=22.0 maxValue=25.0 step=0.5
    Text item=BsbParameter8730Description label="Heating Circuit Pump [%s]"