Make openHAB Better!

openHAB is a community effort and everyone can take part in that. Be it by being an active developer, a bug reporter, a writer or translator, or making monetary contributions, here's an overview on how you can get involved!

# Help Others

openHAB can be intimidating to new users, and even experienced ones might encounter a problem you can solve. If you are knowledgeable in openHAB or one of its related technologies, you are very much encouraged to share your insights in the community forum (opens new window).

# Contribute Code

You might want to fix a bug, add a feature, or write a new add-on. That's awesome!

The Developer Guide has everything to get you started.

# Report Issues

Before reporting an issue, please check the community forum (opens new window) for solutions and help. More people will see your issue when it is posted in the forum and community members may be able to help you find known solutions/workarounds.

When no solution was found, use the table below to determine where your issue should be reported:

Issue Where to report
Problems and feature requests for openHAB add-ons openhab-addons (opens new window)
Issues related to the runtime environment, IDE and packaging openhab-distro (opens new window)
Issues related to the core openHAB bundles openhab-core (opens new window)

But do not worry - if you are not clear, which category your issue belongs to - we will redirect you, if necessary.

Please pay attention to the respective file in all of these repositories. They include further details on how to report an issue or file a pull request.

# Translate

openHAB has several projects on Crowdin (opens new window) - if you are native or fluent in another language, you can help!

# Write Documentation

Our docs are always getting better, but we use all the help we can. Whether it's fixing a typo or writing new articles, our documentation repository (opens new window) is ready to welcome your contributions!

# Become a Member of the openHAB Foundation

If you're involved in openHAB and recognize all the ways it helps you on a daily basis, the best way to show your continued support is to become a member of the openHAB Foundation which promotes the values of the community and funds the services you're enjoying for free. Visit (opens new window) and become a member today!

The openHAB Foundation also accepts one-time donations via PayPal. Thanks for your support!