# air-Q Binding

The air-Q Binding integrates the air analyzer air-Q (opens new window) device into the openHAB system.

With the binding, it is possible to subscribe to all data delivered by the air-Q device.

air-Q image

# Supported Things

Only one Thing is supported: The airq device. This Binding was tested with an air-Q Pro device with 14 sensors. It also works with an air-Q device with 11 sensors.

# Discovery

Auto-discovery is not supported.

# Thing Configuration

The air-Q Thing must be configured with (both mandatory):

Parameter Description
ipAddress Network address, e.g.
password Password of the air-Q device

The Thing provides the following properties:

Parameter Description
id Device ID
hardwareVersion Hardware version
softwareVersion Firmware version
sensorList Available sensors
sensorInfo Information about the sensors
industry Industry version

# Channels

The air-Q Thing offers access to all sensor data of the air-Q, according to its version. This includes also the Maximum Error per sensor value. For the Maximum Error channels just add _maxerr to the channel names.

The rw column is empty if the channel is only readable, w if the channel can be written and rw if it allows both to be read and written.

channel type rw description
status String Status of the sensors (usually "OK")
avgFineDustSize Number:Length Average size of Fine Dust [experimental]
fineDustCnt00_3 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >0,3 µm
fineDustCnt00_5 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >0,5 µm
fineDustCnt01 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >1 µm
fineDustCnt02_5 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >2,5 µm
fineDustCnt05 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >5 µm
fineDustCnt10 Number:Dimensionless Fine Dust >10 µm
co Number:Density Carbon monoxide (CO) concentration
co2 Number:Dimensionless Carbon dioxide (CO₂) concentration
dCO2dt Number Change of CO₂ concentration
dHdt Number Change of Humidity
dewpt Number:Temperature Dew Point
doorEvent Number Door Event (experimental, might not work reliably)
h2s Number:Density Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S)
healthIndex Number:Dimensionless Health Index in percent
health Number:Dimensionless Health Index (0 to 1000, -200 for gas alarm, -800 for fire alarm)
humidityRelative Number:Dimensionless Humidity in percent
humidityAbsolute Number:Density Absolute Humidity
measureTime Number:Time Milliseconds needed for measurement
no2 Number:Density Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) concentration
o3 Number:Density Ozone (O₃) concentration
o2 Number:Dimensionless Oxygen (O₂) concentration
performanceIndex Number:Dimensionless Performance Index in percent
performance Number:Dimensionless Performance Index (0 to 1000)
fineDustConc01 Number Fine Dust concentration >1 µm
fineDustConc02_5 Number Fine Dust concentration >2.5 µm
fineDustConc10 Number Fine Dust concentration >10 µm
pressure Number:Pressure Barometric Pressure
so2 Number Sulfur dioxide (SO₂) concentration
sound Number:Dimensionless Noise
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature
timestamp DateTime Timestamp of measurement
tvoc Number:Dimensionless VOC concentration
uptime Number:Time uptime in seconds
wifi Switch WLAN on or off
ssid String WLAN SSID
password String w Device Password
wifiInfo Switch rw Show WLAN status with LED
timeServer String rw Name of Timeserver address
location Location rw Location of air-Q device
nightmodeStartDay String rw Time to start day operation
nightmodeStartNight String rw End of day operation
nightmodeBrightnessDay Number:Dimensionless rw Brightness of LED during the day
nightmodeBrightnessNight Number:Dimensionless rw Brightness of LED at night
nightmodeFanNightOff Switch rw Switch off fan at night
nightmodeWifiNightOff Switch rw Switch off WLAN at night
deviceName String Device Name
roomType String rw Type of room
logLevel String w Logging level
deleteKey String w Settings to be deleted
fireAlarm Switch rw Send Fire Alarm if certain levels are met
wlanConfigGateway String rw Network Gateway
wlanConfigMac String rw MAC Address
wlanConfigSsid String rw WLAN SSID
wlanConfigIPAddress String rw Assigned IP address
wlanConfigNetMask String rw Network mask
wlanConfigBssid String rw Network BSSID
cloudUpload Switch rw Upload to air-Q cloud
averagingRhythm Number rw Rhythm of measurement for historic average
powerFreqSuppression String rw Power Frequency
autoDriftCompensation Switch rw Compensate automatic drift
autoUpdate Switch rw Install Firmware updates automatically
advancedDataProcessing Switch rw Use advanced algorithms eg. for open window or presence of a person
ppm_and_ppb Switch rw Output CO as ppm and NO₂, O₃ and SO₂ as ppb value instead of mg/m3
gasAlarm Switch rw Send Gas Alarm if certain levels are met
soundPressure Switch rw Sound Pressure Level
alarmForwarding Switch rw Forward gas or fire alarm to other air-Q devices in the household
userCalib String Last sensor calibration
initialCalFinished Switch Initial calibration has finished
averaging Switch rw Do an average
errorBars Switch rw Calculate Maximum Errors
warmupPhase Switch rw Output data as Warmup Phase

# Usage with Docker

This binding requires the JVM cryptographic strength policy to be set to "unlimited". Otherwise the connection to the device will fail. See the openHAB Docker image documentation (opens new window) for details.

# Example

# air-Q.things

Thing airq:airq:1 "air-Q" [ ipAddress="", password="myAirQPassword" ]

# air-Q.items

String                airQ_status                 "Status of Sensors"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:status"}
Number:Length         airQ_avgFineDustSize        "Average Size of Fine Dust"             {channel="airq:airq:1:avgFineDustSize"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt00_3        "Fine Dust >0,3 µm"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt00_3"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt00_5        "Fine Dust >0,5 µm"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt00_5"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt01          "Fine Dust >1,0 µm"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt01"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt02_5        "Fine Dust >2,5 µm"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt02_5"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt05          "Fine Dust >5 µm"                       {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt05"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_fineDustCnt10          "Fine Dust >10 µm"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustCnt10"}
Number                airQ_co                     "CO Concentration"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:co"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_co2                    "CO2 Concentration"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:co2"}
Number                airQ_dCO2dt                 "Change of CO2 Concentration"           {channel="airq:airq:1:dCO2dt"}
Number                airQ_dHdt                   "Change of Humidity"                    {channel="airq:airq:1:dHdt"}
Number:Temperature    airQ_dewpt                  "Dew Point"                             {channel="airq:airq:1:dewpt"}
Number                airQ_doorEvent              "Door Event (exp.)"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:doorEvent"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_health                 "Health Index"                          {channel="airq:airq:1:health"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_humidityRelative       "Humidity"                              {channel="airq:airq:1:humidityRelative"}
Number                airQ_humidityAbsolute       "Absolute Humidity"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:humidityAbsolute"}
Number:Time           airQ_measureTime            "Time needed for measurement"           {channel="airq:airq:1:measureTime"}
Number                airQ_no2                    "NO2 concentration"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:no2"}
Number                airQ_o3                     "O3 concentration"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:o3"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_o2                     "Oxygen concentration"                  {channel="airq:airq:1:o2"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_performance            "Performance Index"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:performance"}
Number                airQ_fineDustConc01         "Fine Dust Concentration >1µ"           {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustConc01"}
Number                airQ_fineDustConc02_5       "Fine Dust Concentration >2.5µ"         {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustConc02_5"}
Number                airQ_fineDustConc10         "Fine Dust Concentration >10µ"          {channel="airq:airq:1:fineDustConc10"}
Number:Pressure       airQ_pressure               "Pressure"                              {channel="airq:airq:1:pressure"}
Number                airQ_so2                    "SO2 concentration"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:so2"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_sound                  "Noise"                                 {channel="airq:airq:1:sound"}
Number:Temperature    airQ_temperature            "Temperature"                           {channel="airq:airq:1:temperature"}
DateTime              airQ_timestamp              "TimeStamp [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"                            {channel="airq:airq:1:timestamp"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_voc                    "VOC concentration"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:tvoc"}
Number:Time           airQ_uptime                 "Uptime"                                {channel="airq:airq:1:uptime"}

Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt03_maxerr        "Maximum error of Fine Dust >0,3 µm"             {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt0_3_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt05_maxerr        "Maximum error of Fine Dust >0,5 µm"             {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt0_5_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt1_maxerr         "Maximum error of Fine Dust >1,0 µm"             {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt1_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt25_maxerr        "Maximum error of Fine Dust >2,5 µm"             {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt2_5_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt5_maxerr         "Maximum error of Fine Dust >5 µm"               {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt5_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_cnt10_maxerr        "Maximum error of Fine Dust >10 µm"              {channel="airq:airq:1:cnt10_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_co2_maxerr          "Maximum error of CO2 Concentration"             {channel="airq:airq:1:co2_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_dewpt_maxerr        "Maximum error of Dew Point"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:dewpt_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_humidity_maxerr     "Maximum error of Humidity"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:humidity_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_humidity_abs_maxerr "Maximum error of Absolute Humidity"             {channel="airq:airq:1:humidity_abs_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_no2_maxerr          "Maximum error of NO2 concentration"             {channel="airq:airq:1:no2_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_o3_maxerr           "Maximum error of O3 concentration"              {channel="airq:airq:1:o3_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_oxygen_maxerr       "Maximum error of Oxygen concentration"          {channel="airq:airq:1:o2_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_pm1_maxerr          "Maximum error of Fine Dust Concentration >1µ"   {channel="airq:airq:1:pm1_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_pm2_5_maxerr        "Maximum error of Fine Dust Concentration >2.5µ" {channel="airq:airq:1:pm2_5_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_pm10_maxerr         "Maximum error of Fine Dust Concentration >10µ"  {channel="airq:airq:1:pm10_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_pressure_maxerr     "Maximum error of Pressure"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:pressure_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_so2_maxerr          "Maximum error of SO2 concentration"             {channel="airq:airq:1:so2_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_sound_maxerr        "Maximum error of Noise"                         {channel="airq:airq:1:sound_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_temperature_maxerr  "Maximum error of Temperature"                   {channel="airq:airq:1:temperature_maxerr"}
Number:Dimensionless  airQ_voc_maxerr          "Maximum error of VOC concentration"             {channel="airq:airq:1:tvoc_maxerr"}

Switch airQ_wifi                    "WLAN on or off"                                 {channel="airq:airq:1:wifi"}
String airQ_SSID                    "WLAN SSID"                                      {channel="airq:airq:1:ssid"}
String airQ_password                "Device Password"                                {channel="airq:airq:1:password"}
Switch airQ_wifiInfo                "Show WLAN status with LED"                      {channel="airq:airq:1:wifiInfo"}
String airQ_timeServer              "Name of Timeserver address"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:timeServer"}
Location airQ_location              "Location of air-Q device"                       {channel="airq:airq:1:location"}
String airQ_nightMode_startDay      "Time to start day operation"                    {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeStartDay"}
String airQ_nightMode_startNight    "End of day operation"                           {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeStartNight"}
Number:Dimensionless airQ_nightMode_brightnessDay "Brightness of LED during the day" {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeBrightnessDay"}
Number:Dimensionless airQ_nightMode_brightnessNight   "Brightness of LED at night"   {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeBrightnessNight"}
Switch airQ_nightMode_fanNightOff   "Switch off fan at night"                        {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeFanNightOff"}
Switch airQ_nightMode_wifiNightOff  "Switch off WLAN at night"                       {channel="airq:airq:1:nightModeWifiNightOff"}
String airQ_deviceName              "Device Name"                                    {channel="airq:airq:1:deviceName"}
String airQ_roomType                "Type of room"                                   {channel="airq:airq:1:roomType"}
String airQ_logLevel                "Logging level"                                  {channel="airq:airq:1:logLevel"}
String airQ_deleteKey               "Settings to be deleted"                         {channel="airq:airq:1:deleteKey"}
Switch airQ_fireAlarm               "Send Fire Alarm if certain levels are met"      {channel="airq:airq:1:fireAlarm"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_gateway     "Network Gateway"                                {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigGateway"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_MAC         "MAC Address"                                    {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigMac"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_SSID        "WLAN SSID"                                      {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigSsid"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_IPAddress   "Assigned IP address"                            {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigIPAddress"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_netMask     "Network mask"                                   {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigNetMask"}
String airQ_WLAN_config_BSSID       "Network BSSID"                                  {channel="airq:airq:1:wlanConfigBssid"}
Switch airQ_cloudUpload             "Upload to air-Q cloud"                          {channel="airq:airq:1:cloudUpload"}
Number airQ_averagingRhythm         "Rhythm of measurement for historic average"     {channel="airq:airq:1:averagingRhythm"}
String airQ_powerFreqSuppression    "Power Frequency"                                {channel="airq:airq:1:powerFreqSuppression"}
Switch airQ_autoDriftCompensation   "Compensate automatic drift"                     {channel="airq:airq:1:autoDriftCompensation"}
Switch airQ_autoUpdate              "Install Firmware updates automatically"         {channel="airq:airq:1:autoUpdate"}
Switch airQ_advancedDataProcessing  "Use advanced algorithms eg. for open window or presence of a person"   {channel="airq:airq:1:advancedDataProcessing"}
Switch airQ_ppm_and_ppb             "Output CO as ppm and NO2, O3 and SO2 as ppb value instead of mg/m3"    {channel="airq:airq:1:ppm_and_ppb"}
Switch airQ_gasAlarm                "Send Gas Alarm if certain levels are met"       {channel="airq:airq:1:gasAlarm"}
Switch airQ_soundPressure           "Sound Pressure Level"                           {channel="airq:airq:1:soundPressure"}
Switch airQ_alarmForwarding         "Forward gas or fire alarm to other air-Q devices in the household"     {channel="airq:airq:1:alarmForwarding"}
String airQ_userCalib               "Last sensor calibration"                        {channel="airq:airq:1:userCalib"}
Switch airQ_initialCalFinished      "Initial calibration has finished"               {channel="airq:airq:1:initialCalFinished"}
Switch airQ_averaging               "Do an average"                                  {channel="airq:airq:1:averaging"}
Switch airQ_errorBars               "Calculate Maximum Errors"                       {channel="airq:airq:1:errorBars"}
Switch airQ_warmupPhase             "Output Data as Warmup Phase"                    {channel="airq:airq:1:warmupPhase"}