# Leap Motion Binding

The Leap Motion (opens new window) controller is a gesture sensoring device that uses stereoscopic cameras and is connected through USB. As all processing is done in software, it requires quite some powerful computer, such that it unfortunately does not work on single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. In fact, the binding is currently only working on macOS computers with Intel x86 processors.

# Supported Things

There is a single thing of type controller defined and only one can be connected to the computer at a time.

# Discovery

The controller is automatically discovered if plugged into a USB port.

# Thing Configuration

The controller does not have any kind of configuration parameters.

# Channels

The controller has a single trigger channel gesture. It generates the following events with a frequency of at most 200ms:

Event Description
nohand No hand can be seen
tap A tap with a single finger
clockwise Rotating a finger clockwise
anticlockwise Rotating a finger anticlockwise
fingersX_YYY Hand showing X fingers in a height of YYY mm (where YYY can be 1-3 digits)

# Profiles

This binding specifies 3 profiles for the gesture channel to make it easy to link to existing items:

Profile Description
leapmotion:switch Simulates a toggle switch using the "tap" gesture
leapmotion:dimmer Sends percentage values and supports two modes (configuration parameter mode=fingers|height): - fingers: 20% for every shown finger, i.e. 0=0%, 1=20%, 2=40%, 3=60%, 4=80%, 5=100% - height: If hand shows all 5 fingers, its height above the controller determines the value. Higher is brighter.
leapmotion:color Controls a color item by - using taps for switching on and off - height of hand (with 5 fingers shown) to dim - rotating a finger to loop through the colors

# Full Example


Thing leapmotion:controller:1 MyLeapMotion


Switch DemoSwitch  "Switch"         { channel="leapmotion:controller:1:gesture" }
Color  RGBLight    "RGB Light"      { channel="leapmotion:controller:1:gesture" }
Dimmer DimmedLight "Dimmer [%d %%]" { channel="leapmotion:controller:1:gesture"[profile="leapmotion:dimmer", mode="fingers"] }