Buienradar Binding

The Buienradar Binding periodically (5 minute intervals) retrieves rainfall predictions from the Dutch buienradar.nl webservice API.

This allows us to warn of upcoming rainfal when there are still open windows, or prevents watering the outside plants needlessly.

Supported Things

The webservice supports one thing, which can be added manually via the web interface. The thing needs longitude and latitude of the location which needs forecasts.


No auto-discovery is currently possible.

Configuration of the thing

The configuration can be done via the PaperUI web interface, or manually by adding a Thing to your .things file:

Thing buienradar:rain_forecast:home [ location="52.198864211111925,5.4192629660193585" ]

and adding the relevant items as such in your .items file. Please note that the buienradar service only provides predictions in 5 minutes intervals with a maximum of two hours (120 minutes):

Number RAIN_CURRENT "Current rain" (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_0" }
Number RAIN_5MIN "Rain 5 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_5" }
Number RAIN_10MIN "Rain 10 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_10" }
Number RAIN_15MIN "Rain 15 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_15" }
Number RAIN_20MIN "Rain 20 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_20" }
Number RAIN_25MIN "Rain 25 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_25" }
Number RAIN_30MIN "Rain 30 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_30" }
Number RAIN_35MIN "Rain 35 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_35" }
Number RAIN_40MIN "Rain 40 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_40" }
Number RAIN_45MIN "Rain 45 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_45" }
Number RAIN_50MIN "Rain 50 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_50" }
Number RAIN_55MIN "Rain 55 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_55" }
Number RAIN_60MIN "Rain 60 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_60" }
Number RAIN_65MIN "Rain 65 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_65" }
Number RAIN_70MIN "Rain 70 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_70" }
Number RAIN_75MIN "Rain 75 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_75" }
Number RAIN_80MIN "Rain 80 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_80" }
Number RAIN_85MIN "Rain 85 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_85" }
Number RAIN_90MIN "Rain 90 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_90" }
Number RAIN_95MIN "Rain 95 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_95" }
Number RAIN_100MIN "Rain 100 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_100" }
Number RAIN_105MIN "Rain 105 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_105" }
Number RAIN_110MIN "Rain 110 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_110" }
Number RAIN_115MIN "Rain 115 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_115" }
Number RAIN_120MIN "Rain 120 min." (Rain) {channel="buienradar:rain_forecast:home:forecast_120" }