Vitotronic Binding

Viessmann heating systems with Vitotronic has a optolink Interface for maintenance. This interface can use for get/set data in the heating system. see on openv

The Vitotronic binding is a solution to bind this interface into openHAB2. It supports the separation of the heating adaption from the integration in openHAB2.


The adapter transform the address oriented raw interface of the Vitotronic to a abstract format. The adapter itself is not a part of the openhab2 binding. A alpha version is available hereMore Information about the adapter

Supported Things

For easy using are the main things of a heating system are already define in this binding:

  • heating (Vitotronic core system)
  • pelletburner (Pellet Fireplace, works for wood also)
  • oilburner (Oil Fireplace)
  • storagetank (Storage Tank, stores heat in a water tank on 3 levels: bottom, middle, top=hot water)
  • circuit (Heating circuit controls the flow between the heating system and the radiators in the rooms)
  • solar (Solar water heating (SWH): Convert sunlight into energy for water heating)

For advanced used 3 basic things of a headingsystem define also.

  • temperaturesensor (Single temperature sensor)
  • pump (Single pump)
  • valve (Single valve)

Note: The mapping of things and channels to the heating system addresses must be done in the adapter.


The binding discovers the adapter with broadcast and put the found vitotronic:bridge into the inbox. For automatic detection the adapter and openHAB must be on the same LAN. The discovery itself must be start in the Paper-UI. If the bridge isn't on the same LAN the bridge can also add manually. In this case the IP-Address and the adapterID is required. Íf the vitotronic:bridge added a second discovery will be start. It discovers all things, define in the adapter and put found things into the inbox.

Binding Configuration

Binding itself has 4 configuration parameters:

  • ipAddress (The IP address of the Optolink adapter)
  • port (Port of the LAN gateway. Default: 31113)
  • adapterID (The ID/Name of the adapter)
  • refreshInterval (Refresh time for data in seconds. Default: 600 seconds)

If the adapter is automatic discovered the ipAddress, and adapterID will be set by discovery. The rereshInterval can be set between 60 and 600 seconds. The minimal setting is dependent of the performance of the adapter.

Thing Configuration

There is no configuration of Things necessary. Only some channels are set active by default. If this channels are defined in the adapter and will be used in openHAB it must set active manually. Don't change the Thing Name. It is the reference to the name in the adapter.


The follow channels are implemented:

Channel Type IDItem TypeDescription
systemtimeDateTimeDateTime of the heating system
outside_tempNumberOutside temperature sensor
boiler_tempNumberTemperature sensor of boiler (fireplace)
flowupratingSwitchPump state of flow up rating
flame_tempNumberTemperature of flame
airshutter_primNumberPosition of the primary air shutter
airshutter_secNumberPosition of the secondary air shutter
lambdasensorNumberOxygen content of the exhaust air
fanspeedNumberFan Speed in rpm
fanspeed_targetNumberFan Speed in rpm
startsNumberCount of starts
ontimeNumberOntime in hours
consumedpelletsNumberConsumed Pellets since start of heating in tons
powerNumberPower of the pellet burner
powerlevelNumberPower of the oil burner
actualpowerNumberActual power of the burner
ontimelevel1NumberOntime in hours
ontimelevel2NumberOntime in hours
consumedoilNumberConsumed Oil since start of heating in Liter
hotwater_tempNumberTemperature sensor of the hot water
middle_tempNumberTemperature sensor in the middle of the storage tank
bottom_tempNumberTemperature sensor at the bottom of the storage tank
circuitpumpSwitchCircuit pump state
flowtemperatureNumberTemperature sensor of the ciruit flow
pumpSwitchPump state
savemodeSwitchSavemode on/off
partymodeSwitchPartymode on/off
party_tempNumberTarget temperature of party mode
room_tempNumberTarget temperature of rooms
save_tempNumberTarget temperature of save mode
gradientNumberThe gradient relativ to outside temperature
niveauNumberThe niveau relativ to outside temperature
collector_tempNumberActual temperature of the collector
storagetank_tempNumberActual temperature of the storage tank (solar sensor)
bufferloadSwitchState of the pump (on/off)
loadsuppressionSwitchState of the load suppression (on/off)
producedheatNumberProduced heat since starting solar system
temperatureNumberGeneric temperature sensor
valveNumberValue of a generic valve