# LG HomBot Binding

The binding integrates a modified LG HomBot VR6260 based vacuum robots. Details on how to modify your HomBot can be found at roboter-forum.com (opens new window). The binding uses the HTTP service on port 6260 right now. Please take care when modifying your HomBot! This binding is a complement to a modified HomBot not an excuse to do the modification. Remember, You are responsible if You brick Your HomBot.

# Supported Things

Hacked LG HomBot series 62XX are supported.

The service that the binding connects to is actually lg.srv found at sourceforge.net (opens new window) running on a HomBot.

# Discovery

The auto-discovery should hopefully find your HomBot, be aware that it will try to connect to port 6260 on all IP-addresses on your subnet. If you already know the IP-address of your HomBot you might as well just configure it.

# Thing Configuration

The thing only requires an IP-address to function, this could also be found using the discovery method. The parameter is called "ipAdress".

You can also configure the polling interval in seconds by setting "pollingPeriod", and the network port of the server by using "port".

# Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read/Write
state String Current state of the HomBot. R
battery Number Current battery charge. R
cpuLoad Number Current CPU load. R
srvMem Number Current server memory load. R
clean Switch Start cleaning / return home. RW
start Switch Start cleaning. RW
home Switch Send HomBot home. RW
pause Switch Pause current activity. RW
turbo Switch Turn turbo on/off. RW
repeat Switch Turn repeat cleaning on/off. RW
mode String Current cleaning mode. RW
nickname String Nickname of the HomBot. R
move String Manually control the HomBot. RW
camera Image Image from the top camera. R
lastClean DateTime Date of last clean. R
map Image Image of clean area. R
monday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Mondays. R
tuesday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Tuesdays. R
wednsday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Wednsdays. R
thursday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Thursdays. R
friday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Fridays. R
saturday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Saturdays. R
sunday DateTime Time when cleaning is on Sundays. R

# Full Example

Example of how to configure a thing.


Thing lghombot:LGHomBot:mycleanerbot "LGHomBot" @ "Living Room" [ ipAdress="", pollingPeriod="3", port="6260" ]

Here are some examples on how to map the channels to items.


String HomBot_State "State [%s]" <CleaningRobot> { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:state" }
Number HomBot_Battery "Battery [%d%%]"           { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:battery" }
Switch HomBot_Clean "Clean"                      { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:clean" }
Switch HomBot_Start "Start"                      { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:start" }
Switch HomBot_Home  "Home"                       { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:home" }
Switch HomBot_Pause "Pause"                      { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:pause" }
Switch HomBot_Turbo "Turbo"                      { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:turbo" }
Switch HomBot_Repeat "Repeat"                    { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:repeat" }
String HomBot_CleanMode "Clean mode [%s]"        { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:mode" }
String HomBot_Nickname                           { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:nickname" }
Image HomBot_Camera                              { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:camera" }
DateTime HomBot_LastClean                        { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:lastClean" }
Image HomBot_Map                                 { channel="lghombot:LGHomBot:a4_24_56_8f_2c_5b:map" }


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
    Frame label="HomBot" {
        Text item=HomBot_State
        Text item=HomBot_Battery
        Switch item=HomBot_Clean
        Switch item=HomBot_Start
        Switch item=HomBot_Home
        Switch item=HomBot_Pause
        Switch item=HomBot_Turbo
        Switch item=HomBot_Repeat
        Selection item=HomBot_CleanMode mappings=[
            "ZZ"="Zigzag mode",
            "SB"="Cell by cell mode",
            "SPOT"="Spiral spot mode",
            "MACRO_SECTOR" = "My space mode" ]
        Text item=HomBot_Nickname
        Image item=HomBot_Camera
        DateTime item=HomBot_LastClean
        Image item=HomBot_Map