# Onkyo Binding

This binding integrates the Onkyo AV receivers.

# Introduction

Binding should be compatible with Onkyo AV receivers which support ISCP (Integra Serial Control Protocol) over Ethernet (eISCP).

# Supported Things

This binding supports only one thing: The Onkyo AV receiver. All supported Onkyo devices are registered as an audio sink in the framework.

# Discovery

This binding can discover the supported Onkyo AV receivers. At the moment only the following models are supported:

  • HT-RC440
  • HT-RC560
  • TX-NR414
  • TX-NR474
  • TX-NR509
  • TX-NR515
  • TX-NR525
  • TX-NR535
  • TX-NR545
  • TX-NR555
  • TX-NR575
  • TX-NR575E
  • TX-NR609
  • TX-NR616
  • TX-NR626
  • TX-NR636
  • TX-NR646
  • TX-NR656
  • TX-NR676
  • TX-NR686
  • TX-NR708
  • TX-NR717
  • TX-NR727
  • TX-NR737
  • TX-NR747
  • TX-NR757
  • TX-NR807
  • TX-NR809
  • TX-NR818
  • TX-NR828
  • TX-NR838
  • TX-NR3007
  • TX-RZ900

# Binding Configuration

The binding can auto-discover the Onkyo AVRs present on your local network. The auto-discovery is enabled by default. To disable it, you can create a file in the services directory called onkyo.cfg with the following content:


This configuration parameter only controls the Onkyo AVR auto-discovery process, not the openHAB auto-discovery. Moreover, if the openHAB auto-discovery is disabled, the Onkyo AVR auto-discovery is disabled too.

The binding has the following configuration options, which can be set for "binding:onkyo":

Parameter Name Description Required
callbackUrl Callback URL URL to use for playing notification sounds, e.g. (opens new window) no

When an Onkyo receiver is used as an audio sink, the receiver connects to openHAB to get the audio stream. By default, the binding sends the URL for getting the audio stream based on the Primary Address (Network Settings configuration) and the openHAB HTTP port. Sometimes it is necessary to use the Callback URL to override the default, such as when using a reverse proxy or with some Docker implementations.

# Thing Configuration

The Onkyo AVR thing requires the ip address and the port to access it on. In the code avr-livingroom refers to the user defined unique id of your Onkyo device. A second device could be called avr2. In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

Model specific

onkyo:TX-NR818:avr-livingroom [ipAddress="", port=60128]


Generic model

onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom [ipAddress="", port=60128]

Optionally you can specify the refresh interval by refreshInterval parameter.

onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom [ipAddress="", port=60128, refreshInterval=30]

Maximum volume level can also be configured by volumeLimit parameter. This prevent setting receiver volume level too high, which could damage your speakers or receiver.

onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom [ipAddress="", port=60128, volumeLimit=50]

Binding then automatically scale the volume level in both directions (100% = 50 = 100%).

You can also change the way volume scaling works. This can be necessary if your receiver uses a different scaling system than 0-100. You can specify a decimal number that acts as the coefficient for scaling. See below for a few examples:

Value Description Value for 100%
1 Default, don't scale 100
2 For receivers that support 0.5 increments in volume 200
0.8 For receivers that go from 0-80 80
0.5 For receivers that go from 0-50 50

Note that this is applied after the volume limiting took place.

onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom [ipAddress="", port=60128, volumeScale=2]

The binding will send value 200 for maximum volume to the receiver.

# Channels

The Onkyo AVR supports the following channels (some channels are model specific):

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
zone1#power Switch Power on/off your device
zone1#mute Switch Mute/unmute zone 1
zone1#input Number The input for zone 1
zone1#volume Dimmer Volume of zone 1
zone2#power Switch Power on/off zone 2
zone2#mute Switch Mute/unmute zone 2
zone2#input Number The input for zone 2
zone2#volume Dimmer Volume of zone 2
zone3#power Switch Power on/off zone 3
zone3#mute Switch Mute/unmute zone 3
zone3#input Number The input for zone 3
zone3#volume Dimmer Volume of zone 3
player#control Player Control the Zone Player, e.g. play/pause/next/previous/ffward/rewind (available if playing from Network or USB)
player#title String Title of the current song (available if playing from Network or USB)
player#album String Album name of the current song (available if playing from Network or USB)
player#artist String Artist name of the current song (available if playing from Network or USB)
player#currentPlayingTime String Current playing time of the current song (available if playing from Network or USB)
player#listenmode Number Current listening mode e.g. Stereo, 5.1ch Surround, ...
player#audysseyeq Number Current Audyseey EQ mode (e.g. OFF, Movie, Music)
player#audioinfo String Current audio info (Refresh timer must be configured for updates)
player#playuri String Plays the URI provided to the channel
player#albumArt Image Image of the current album art of the current song
player#albumArtUrl String URL to the current album art of the current song
netmenu#title String Title of the current NET service
netmenu#control String Control the USB/Net Menu, e.g. Up/Down/Select/Back/PageUp/PageDown/Select&lsqb0-9&rsqb
netmenu#selection Number The number of the currently selected USB/Net Menu entry (0-9)
netmenu#item0 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 0
netmenu#item1 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 1
netmenu#item2 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 2
netmenu#item3 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 3
netmenu#item4 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 4
netmenu#item5 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 5
netmenu#item6 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 6
netmenu#item7 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 7
netmenu#item8 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 8
netmenu#item9 String The text of USB/Net Menu entry 9
information#audioIn String Details of the input audio format
information#audioOut String Details of the output audio format
information#videoIn String Details of the input video format
information#videoOut String Details of the output video format

# Rule Actions

This binding includes a rule action which allows to send raw eISCP messages to the receiver. The rule action can be used to send commands to the receiver that are not supported by channels. There is a separate instance for each receiver, which can be retrieved through

val onkyoActions = getActions("onkyo","onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom")

where the first parameter always has to be onkyo and the second (onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom) is the Thing UID of the broker that should be used. Once this action instance is retrieved, you can invoke the onkyoActions.sendRawCommand(String action, String value) method on it:

onkyoActions.sendRawCommand("CTL", "UP")

This command for instance increases the volume for the center channel. For a description of all commands you can e.g. search this GitHub project (opens new window).

Also note that when sending multiple commands there has to be a Thread::sleep(100) in between the commands because the action does not wait for a response from the receiver.

# Input Source Mapping

Here after are the ID values of the input sources:

  • 00: DVR/VCR
  • 02: GAME
  • 03: AUX
  • 04: GAME
  • 05: PC
  • 16: BLURAY/DVD
  • 32: TAPE1
  • 33: TAPE2
  • 34: PHONO
  • 35: CD
  • 36: FM
  • 37: AM
  • 38: TUNER
  • 41: USB
  • 42: USB_BACK
  • 43: NETWORK
  • 45: AIRPLAY
  • 48: MULTICH
  • 50: SIRIUS

# Item Configuration


Switch avrLrZ1_Power  "Power"       <switch>      { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone1#power" }
Switch avrLrZ1_Mute   "Mute"        <soundvolume> { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone1#mute" }
Number avrLrZ1_Input  "Input [%s]"  <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone1#input" }
Dimmer avrLrZ1_Volume "Volume [%d]" <soundvolume> { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone1#volume" }

Switch avrLrZ2_Power  "Power [%s]"  <switch>      { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone2#power" }
Switch avrLrZ2_Mute   "Mute [%s]"                 { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone2#mute" }
Number avrLrZ2_Input  "Input [%s]"  <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone2#input" }
Dimmer avrLrZ2_Volume "Volume [%s]" <soundvolume> { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:zone2#volume" }

Player avrLrPlayer_Control            "Control"                 <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#control" }
String avrLrPlayer_Title              "Title [%s]"              <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#title" }
String avrLrPlayer_Album              "Album [%s]"              <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#album" }
String avrLrPlayer_Artist             "Artist [%s]"             <parents_2_5> { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#artist" }
String avrLrPlayer_CurrentPlayingTime "CurrentPlayingTime [%s]" <clock>       { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#currentPlayingTime" }
Number avrLrPlayer_Listenmode         "Listenmode [%d]"         <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#listenmode" }
Number avrLrPlayer_AudysseyEQ         "AudysseeyEQ [%d]"        <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#audysseyeq" }
String avrLrPlayer_PlayURI            "PlayURI [%s]"            <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#playuri" }
Image  avrLrPlayer_AlbumArt           "AlbumArt [%s]"           <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#albumArt" }
String avrLrPlayer_AlbumArtUrl        "AlbumArtURL [%s]"        <text>        { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:player#albumArtUrl" }

String avrLrNet_Title     "Title [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#title" }
String avrLrNet_Control   "Control"        <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#control" }
Number avrLrNet_Selection "Selection [%d]" <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#selection" }
String avrLrNet_Item0     "Item0 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item0" }
String avrLrNet_Item1     "Item1 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item1" }
String avrLrNet_Item2     "Item2 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item2" }
String avrLrNet_Item3     "Item3 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item3" }
String avrLrNet_Item4     "Item4 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item4" }
String avrLrNet_Item5     "Item5 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item5" }
String avrLrNet_Item6     "Item6 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item6" }
String avrLrNet_Item7     "Item7 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item7" }
String avrLrNet_Item8     "Item8 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item8" }
String avrLrNet_Item9     "Item9 [%s]"     <text>   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:netmenu#item9" }

String audioIn            "Audio In [%s]"   <settings>   ["Point"]   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:information#audioIn" }
String audioOut           "Audio Out [%s]"  <settings>   ["Point"]   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:information#audioOut" }
String videoIn            "Video In [%s]"   <settings>   ["Point"]   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:information#videoIn" }
String videoOut           "Video Out [%s]"  <settings>   ["Point"]   { channel="onkyo:onkyoAVR:avr-livingroom:information#videoOut" }

# Sitemap Configuration


sitemap demo label="Onkyo AVR"
    Frame label="Zone1" {
        Switch    item=avrLrZ1_Power
        Switch    item=avrLrZ1_Mute
        Selection item=avrLrZ1_Input  mappings=[ 0='DVR/VCR', 1='SATELLITE/CABLE', 2='GAME', 3='AUX', 4='GAME', 5='PC', 16='BLURAY/DVD', 32='TAPE1', 33='TAPE2', 34='PHONO', 35='CD', 36='FM', 37='AM', 38='TUNER', 39='MUSICSERVER', 40='INTERNETRADIO', 41='USB', 42='USB_BACK', 43='NETWORK', 45='AIRPLAY', 48='MULTICH', 50='SIRIUS' ]
        Slider    item=avrLrZ1_Volume

    Frame label="Zone 2" {
        Switch    item=avrLrZ2_Power
        Switch    item=avrLrZ2_Mute
        Selection item=avrLrZ2_Input  mappings=[ 0='DVR/VCR', 1='SATELLITE/CABLE', 2='GAME', 3='AUX', 4='GAME', 5='PC', 16='BLURAY/DVD', 32='TAPE1', 33='TAPE2', 34='PHONO', 35='CD', 36='FM', 37='AM', 38='TUNER', 39='MUSICSERVER', 40='INTERNETRADIO', 41='USB', 42='USB_BACK', 43='NETWORK', 45='AIRPLAY', 48='MULTICH', 50='SIRIUS' ]
        Slider    item=avrLrZ2_Volume

    Frame label="Player" {
        Default   item=avrLrPlayer_Control
        Text      item=avrLrPlayer_Title
        Text      item=avrLrPlayer_Album
        Text      item=avrLrPlayer_Artist
        Text      item=avrLrPlayer_CurrentPlayingTime
        Selection item=avrLrPlayer_Listenmode mappings=[0=Stereo, 1=Direct, 2=Surround, 15=Mono, 31="Whole House", 66="THX Cinema"]
        Selection item=avrLrPlayer_AudysseyEQ mappings=[0=Off, 1=Movie, 2=Music]

    Frame label="NetMenu" {
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Title
        Selection item=avrLrNet_Control   mappings=[ Up='Up', Down='Down', Select='Select', Back='Back', PageUp='PageUp', PageDown='PageDow', Select0='Select0', Select1='Select1', Select2='Select2', Select3='Select3', Select4='Select4', Select5='Select5', Select6='Select6', Select7='Select7', Select8='Select8', Select9='Select9' ]
        Selection item=avrLrNet_Selection mappings=[ 0='Item0', 1='Item1', 2='Item2', 3='Item3', 4='Item4', 5='Item5', 6='Item6', 7='Item7', 8='Item8', 9='Item9' ]
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item0
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item1
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item2
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item3
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item4
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item5
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item6
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item7
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item8
        Text      item=avrLrNet_Item9
    Frame label="Audio & Video Information" {
        Text      item=audioIn
        Text      item=audioOut
        Text      item=videoIn
        Text      item=videoOut

# Audio Support

All supported Onkyo AVRs are registered as an audio sink in the framework. Audio streams are sent to the playuri channel.