# EcoTouch Binding

The openHAB EcoTouch binding allows interaction with a Waterkotte (opens new window) heat pump.

# Supported Things

Thing type Description
geo Waterkotte EcoTouch Geo + EcoVent
air Waterkotte EcoTouch Air + EcoVent

This binding was tested with a Waterkotte DS 5027 Ai DS 5010.5Ai geothermal heat pump.

# Discovery

Discovery is not supported. You need to provide the IP address of the display unit of the heatpump.

# Thing Configuration

Things can be fully configured via the UI. The following information is useful when configuring things via thing configuration files.

Property Type Default Required Description
ip String yes IP address or hostname of the display unit of the heat pump
username String yes since software version 1.6.xx of the display unit: "waterkotte"; previously "admin".
password String yes since software version 1.6.xx of the display unit: "waterkotte"; previously "wtkadmin".
refresh Integer 60 no time in s after which all channels will be requested again from the heat pump

# Channels

Standard channels:

Channel ID Type Read-Only Description
adapt_heating Number:Temperature no Allows to adjust the heating temperature by an offset
alarm Number:Dimensionless yes Alarm
cop_cooling Number:Dimensionless yes COP Cooling
cop_heating Number:Dimensionless yes COP Heating
enable_cooling Switch no Enable Cooling
enable_heating Switch no Enable Heating
enable_warmwater Switch no Enable Warm Water
power_compressor Number:Power yes Power Compressor
power_cooling Number:Power yes Power Cooling
power_heating Number:Power yes Power Heating
state_alarm Switch yes State Alarm
temperature_cooling_return Number:Temperature yes Temperature Cooling Return
temperature_cooling_set2 Number:Temperature no Temperature Cooling Setpoint BMS
temperature_flow Number:Temperature yes Temperature Flow
temperature_heating_return Number:Temperature yes Temperature Heating Return
temperature_heating_set Number:Temperature yes Temperature Heating Setpoint
temperature_outside Number:Temperature yes The current outside temperature
temperature_outside_24h Number:Temperature yes The outside temperature averaged over one day
temperature_return Number:Temperature yes Temperature Return
temperature_return_set Number:Temperature yes Temperature Return Setpoint
temperature_room Number:Temperature yes Temperature Room
temperature_room_1h Number:Temperature yes Temperature Room 1h Average
temperature_source_in Number:Temperature yes Temperature Source Input
temperature_source_out Number:Temperature yes Temperature Source Output
temperature_water Number:Temperature yes Temperature Water
temperature_water_set2 Number:Temperature no Temperature Water Setpoint BMS

Advanced channels:

Channel ID Type Read-Only Description
compressor_power Number:Dimensionless yes Percent Power Compressor
coolEnableTemp Number:Temperature no Temperature Cooling Enable
date_day Number:Dimensionless yes Day
date_month Number:Dimensionless yes Month
date_year Number:Dimensionless yes Year
enable_pool Switch no Enable Pool
enable_pv Switch no Enable PV
hysteresis_heating Number:Temperature no Hysteresis Heating
hysteresis_warmwater Number:Temperature no Hysteresis Warm Water
interruptions Number:Dimensionless yes Interruptions
manual_4wayvalve Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode 4Way Valve
manual_coolvalve Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Cooling Valve
manual_heatingpump Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Heating Pump
manual_multiext Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Multi Ouput Ext
manual_poolvalve Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Pool Valve
manual_solarpump1 Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Solar Pump
manual_solarpump2 Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Solar Pump 2
manual_sourcepump Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Source Pump
manual_tankpump Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Tank Pump
manual_valve Number:Dimensionless no Operating Mode Valve
maxVLTemp Number:Temperature yes maxVLTemp
nviHeizkreisNorm Number:Temperature no nviHeizkreisNorm
nviNormAussen Number:Temperature no nviNormAussen
nviSollKuehlen Number:Temperature no nviSollKuehlen
nviTHeizgrenze Number:Temperature no nviTHeizgrenze
nviTHeizgrenzeSoll Number:Temperature no nviTHeizgrenze Setpoint
operating_hours_circulation_pump Number:Time yes Operating Hours Circulation Pump
operating_hours_compressor1 Number:Time yes Operating Hours Compressor 1
operating_hours_compressor2 Number:Time yes Operating Hours Compressor 2
operating_hours_solar Number:Time yes Operating Hours Solar
operating_hours_source_pump Number:Time yes Operating Hours Source Pump
percent_compressor Number:Dimensionless yes Percent Compressor
percent_heat_circ_pump Number:Dimensionless yes Percent Heating Circulation Pump
percent_source_pump Number:Dimensionless yes Percent Source Pump
position_expansion_valve Number:Dimensionless yes Position Expansion Valve
pressure_condensation Number:Pressure yes Pressure Condensation
pressure_evaporation Number:Pressure yes Pressure Evaporation
state Number:Dimensionless yes A Bitfield which encodes the state of all valves, pumps and compressors
state_compressor1 Switch yes State Compressor 1
state_compressor2 Switch yes State Compressor 2
state_cooling Switch yes State Cooling
state_cooling4way Switch yes State Cooling4Way
state_evd Switch yes State EVD
state_extheater Switch yes State External Heater
state_heatingpump Switch yes State Heating Pump
state_pool Switch yes State Pool
state_service Switch yes State Service Mode
state_solar Switch yes State Solar
state_sourcepump Switch yes State Source Pump
state_water Switch yes State Water
tempSet0Deg Number:Temperature yes Heating Setpoint at 0°C Outside
tempchange_cooling_pv Number:Temperature no Temperature Change Cooling if PV
tempchange_heating_pv Number:Temperature no Temperature Change Heating if PV
tempchange_pool_pv Number:Temperature no Temperature Change Pool if PV
tempchange_warmwater_pv Number:Temperature no Temperature Change Water if PV
temperature2_outside_1h Number:Temperature yes Temperature Outside 1h Average
temperature_condensation Number:Temperature yes Temperature Condensation
temperature_cooling_set Number:Temperature yes Temperature Cooling Setpoint
temperature_evaporation Number:Temperature yes Temperature Evaporation
temperature_heating_set2 Number:Temperature no Temperature Heating Setpoint BMS
temperature_outside_1h Number:Temperature yes The outside temperature averaged over one hour
temperature_pool Number:Temperature yes Temperature Pool
temperature_pool_set Number:Temperature yes Temperature Pool Setpoint
temperature_pool_set2 Number:Temperature no Temperature Pool Setpoint BMS
temperature_solar Number:Temperature yes Temperature Solar
temperature_solar_flow Number:Temperature yes Temperature Solar Flow
temperature_storage Number:Temperature yes Temperature Storage
temperature_suction Number:Temperature yes Temperature Suction
temperature_water_set Number:Temperature yes Temperature Water Setpoint
percent_water_limit_min Number:Dimensionless no Percent Water Power limit Min
percent_water_limit_max Number:Dimensionless no Percent Water Power limit Max
percent_heating_limit_min Number:Dimensionless no Percent Heating Power limit Min
percent_heating_limit_max Number:Dimensionless no Percent Heating Power limit Min
time_hour Number:Dimensionless yes Hour
time_minute Number:Dimensionless yes Minute
version_bios Number:Dimensionless yes Version BIOS
version_controller Number:Dimensionless yes Version Display Controller
version_controller_build Number:Dimensionless yes Build Number Display Controller

If the Ecovent Unit is attached to the heat pump, the following additional channels are available:

Channel ID Type Read-Only Description
ecovent_CO2_value Number:Dimensionless yes EcoVent CO2
ecovent_mode Number:Dimensionless no EcoVent Mode (0..5: Day, Night, Timer, Party, Vacation, Bypass)
ecovent_moisture_value Number:Dimensionless yes EcoVent Air Moisture
ecovent_output_y1 Number:Dimensionless yes EcoVent Fan
ecovent_temp_exhaust_air Number:Temperature yes EcoVent Temperature Exhaust Air
ecovent_temp_exit_air Number:Temperature yes EcoVent Temperature Exit Air
ecovent_temp_outdoor_air Number:Temperature yes EcoVent Temperature Outdoor Air
ecovent_temp_supply_air Number:Temperature yes EcoVent Temperature Supply Air

The air heatpump has the following additional channels:

Channel ID Type Read-Only Description
temperature_suction_air Number:Temperature yes Temperature Suction Air
temperature_sump Number:Temperature yes Temperature Sump
temperature_surrounding Number:Temperature yes Temperature Surrounding

# Example

# ecotouch.things

Thing ecotouch:geo:heatpump "Waterkotte Heatpump" @ "basement" [ ip="", username="admin", password="wtkadmin", refresh=120 ]

# ecotouch.items

Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Aussen     { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_outside" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Aussen_1d  { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_outside_24h" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Quelle_in  { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_source_in" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Quelle_out { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_source_out" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Wasser     { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_water" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Heizen     { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:temperature_heating_return" }
Number:Power HeatPump_power_el              { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:power_compressor" }
Number:Power HeatPump_power_th              { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:power_heating" }
Number HeatPump_COP_heating                 { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:cop_heating" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_adaptHeating    { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:adapt_heating" }
Switch HeatPump_state_sourcepump            { channel="ecotouch:geo:heatpump:state_sourcepump" }

# ecotouch.sitemap

sitemap ecotouch label="Waterkotte EcoTouch"
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Aussen
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Aussen_1d
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Quelle_in
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Quelle_out
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Wasser
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Heizen
    Text item=HeatPump_Temp_Heizen
    Text item=HeatPump_power_th
    Text item=HeatPump_COP_heating
    Setpoint item=HeatPump_adaptHeating minValue=-2.0 maxValue=2.0 step=0.5

A snippet to show the current state of the heatpump (you need to have the corresponding items in your .items-file):

    Text label="State" icon="settings" {
        Text item=HeatPump_state_sourcepump   label="State Source Pump [%s]"      valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_heatingpump  label="State Heating Pump [%s]"     valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_evd          label="State EVD [%s]"              valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_compressor1  label="State Compressor 1 [%s]"     valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_extheater    label="State External Heater [%s]"  valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_alarm        label="State Alarm [%s]"            valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_cooling      label="State Cooling [%s]"          valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_water        label="State Water [%s]"            valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_pool         label="State Pool [%s]"             valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_solar        label="State Solar [%s]"            valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]
        Text item=HeatPump_state_cooling4way  label="State Cooling4Way [%s]"      valuecolor=[==ON="green", ==OFF="red"]