# MPD Binding

Music Player Daemon (MPD) (opens new window) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.

With the openHAB MPD binding you can control Music Player Daemons.

# Supported Things

This binding supports one ThingType: mpd

# Discovery

If zeroconf is enabled in the Music Player Daemon, it is discovered. Each Music Player daemon requires a unique zeroconf_name for correct discovery.

# Thing Configuration

The ThingType mpd requires the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Label Parameter ID Description Required
IP Address ipAddress Host name or IP address of the Music Player Daemon yes
Port port Port number on which the Music Player Daemon is listening. Default: 6600 yes
Password password Password to access the Music Player Daemon no

# Channels

The following channels are currently available:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
control Player Start/Pause/Next/Previous
volume Dimmer Volume in percent
stop Switch Stop playback
currentalbum String Current album
currentartist String Current artist
currentname String Current name
currentsong Number Current song
currentsongid Number Current song id
currenttitle String Current title
currenttrack Number Current track

# Full Example

# Thing

mpd:mpd:music  [ ipAddress="", port=6600 ]

# Items

Switch morning_music "Morning music"

Player mpd_music_player "Player" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:control" }
Dimmer mpd_music_volume "Volume [%d %%]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:volume" }
Switch mpd_music_stop "Stop" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:stop" }
String mpd_music_album "Album [%s]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currentalbum" }
String mpd_music_artist "Artist [%s]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currentartist" }
String mpd_music_name "Name [%s]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currentname" }
Number mpd_music_song "Song [%d]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currentsong" }
Number mpd_music_song_id "Song Id [%d]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currentsongid" }
String mpd_music_title "Title [%s]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currenttitle" }
Number mpd_music_track "Track [%d]" { channel = "mpd:mpd:music:currenttrack" }

# Sitemap

Frame label="Music" {
    Default item=mpd_music_player
    Slider item=mpd_music_volume
    Switch item=mpd_music_stop
    Text item=mpd_music_album
    Text item=mpd_music_artist
    Text item=mpd_music_name
    Text item=mpd_music_song
    Text item=mpd_music_song_id
    Text item=mpd_music_title
    Text item=mpd_music_track

# Rule

rule "turn on morning music"
        Item morning_music changed to ON
        val actions = getActions("mpd","mpd:mpd:music")
        if(actions === null) {
                logWarn("myLog", "actions is null")

        actions.sendCommand("load", "MorningMusic");