# Meteo Alerte Binding

The Meteo Alerte binding gives alert level regarding major weather related risk factors. This binding provides its own icon set and provides appropriate static and dynamic SVG icons (see items examples below).

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents the weather alerts for a given department. It has the department id. Of course, you can add multiple things, e.g. for getting alerts for different locations.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
department Name of the department.
refresh Refresh interval in minutes. Optional, the default value is 1440 minutes (once a day).

# Channels

The Météo Alerte information that are retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
observation-time DateTime Date and time of report validity start
end-time DateTime Date and time of report validity end
comment String General comments on alerts for the department
vent Number Wind alert level (*)
pluie-inondation Number Rain alert level (*)
orage Number Storm alert level (*)
inondation Number Flood alert level (*)
neige Number Snow alert level (*)
canicule Number Heat alert level (*)
grand-froid Number Cold alert level (*)
avalanches Number Avalanche alert level (*)
vague-submersion Number Wave submersion alert level (*)
pluie-inondation-icon Image Pictogram of the Rain alert level
vent-icon Image Pictogram of the Wind alert level
orage-icon Image Pictogram of Storm alert level
inondation-icon Image Pictogram of Flood alert level
neige-icon Image Pictogram of Snow alert level
canicule-icon Image Pictogram of Heat alert level
grand-froid-icon Image Pictogram of Cold alert level
avalanches-icon Image Pictogram of Avalanche alert level
vague-submersion-icon Image Pictogram of Wave Submersion alert level

(*) Each alert level is described by a color :

Code Color Description
0 Green No particular vigilance
1 Yellow Be attentive to the weather situation
2 Orange Be "very vigilant" in the concerned areas
3 Red Absolute vigilance required

# Provided icon set

This binding has its own IconProvider and makes available the following list of icons

Icon Name Dynamic Illustration
oh:meteoalerte:vent Yes
oh:meteoalerte:pluie-inondation Yes
oh:meteoalerte:orage Yes
oh:meteoalerte:inondation Yes
oh:meteoalerte:neige Yes
oh:meteoalerte:canicule Yes
oh:meteoalerte:grand-froid Yes
oh:meteoalerte:avalanches Yes
oh:meteoalerte:vague-submersion Yes
oh:meteoalerte:meteo_france No

# Full Example


Thing meteoalerte:department:yvelines @ "MyCity" [department="YVELINES", refresh=12]


Group gMeteoAlert "Alertes Météo" <oh:meteoalerte:meteo_france> 
String     MA_Dept78                  "Département 78 [%s]"       <text>                              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:comment"}
Number     MA_etat_canicule           "Canicule [%s]"             <oh:meteoalerte:canicule>           (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:canicule"}
Number     MA_etat_grand_froid        "Grand Froid [%s]"          <oh:meteoalerte:grand-froid>        (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:grand-froid"}
Number     MA_etat_pluie_inondation   "Pluie-Inondation [%s]"     <oh:meteoalerte:pluie-inondation>   (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:pluie-inondation"}
Number     MA_etat_neige              "Neige [%s]"                <oh:meteoalerte:neige>              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:neige"}
Number     MA_etat_vent               "Vent [%s]"                 <oh:meteoalerte:vent>               (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:vent"}
Number     MA_etat_inondation         "Inondation [%s]"           <oh:meteoalerte:inondation>         (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:inondation"}
Number     MA_etat_orage              "Orage [%s]"                <oh:meteoalerte:orage>              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:orage"}
Number     MA_etat_avalanche          "Avalanches [%s]"           <oh:meteoalerte:avalanches>         (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:avalanches"}
Image      MA_icon_canicule           "Canicule"                  <oh:meteoalerte:canicule>           (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:canicule-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_grand_froid        "Grand Froid"               <oh:meteoalerte:grand-froid>        (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:grand-froid-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_pluie_inondation   "Pluie-Inondation"          <oh:meteoalerte:pluie-inondation>   (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:pluie-inondation-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_neige              "Neige"                     <oh:meteoalerte:neige>              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:neige-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_vent               "Vent"                      <oh:meteoalerte:vent>               (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:vent-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_inondation         "Inondation"                <oh:meteoalerte:inondation>         (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:inondation-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_orage              "Orage"                     <oh:meteoalerte:orage>              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:orage-icon"}
Image      MA_icon_avalanche          "Avalanche"                 <oh:meteoalerte:avalanches>         (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:avalanches-icon"}
DateTime   MA_ObservationTS           "Timestamp [%1$tH:%1$tM]"   <time>                              (gMeteoAlert)   {channel="meteoalerte:department:yvelines:observation-time"}