# Sensibo Binding

This binding integrates the Sensibo Sky aircondition remote control See https://www.sensibo.com/ (opens new window)

# Supported Things

This binding supports Sensibo Sky only.

  • account = Sensibo API - the account bridge
  • sensibosky = Sensibo Sky remote control

# Discovery

In order to do discovery, add a thing of type Sensibo API and add the API key. API key can be obtained here: https://home.sensibo.com/me/api (opens new window)

# Thing Configuration

See full example below for how to configure using thing files.

# Account

# Sensibo Sky

  • macAddress = network mac address of device.

Can be found printed on the back of the device Or you can find it during discovery.

# Channels

# Sensibo Sky

Channel Read/write Item type Description
currentTemperature R Number:Temperature Measured temperature
currentHumidity R Number:Dimensionless Measured relative humidity, reported in percent
targetTemperature R/W Number:Temperature Current target temperature for this room
masterSwitch R/W Switch Switch AC ON or OFF
mode R/W String Current mode (cool, heat, etc, actual modes provided provided by the API) being active
fanLevel R/W String Current fan level (low, auto etc, actual levels provided provided by the API
swingMode R/W String Current swing mode (actual modes provided provided by the API
timer R/W Number Number of seconds until AC is switched off automatically. Setting to a value less than 60 seconds will cancel timer

# Full Example


Bridge sensibo:account:home "Sensibo account" [apiKey="XYZASDASDAD", refreshInterval=120] {
    Thing sensibosky office "Sensibo Sky Office" [ macAddress="001122334455" ]


Number:Temperature AC_Office_Room_Current_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature>  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:currentTemperature"}
Number:Dimensionless AC_Office_Room_Current_Humidity "Relative humidity [%.1f %%]" <humidity  >  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:currentHumidity"}
Number:Temperature AC_Office_Room_Target_Temperature "Target temperature [%d %unit%]" <temperature>  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:targetTemperature"}
String AC_Office_Room_Mode "AC mode [%s]" {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:mode"}
String AC_Office_Room_Swing_Mode "AC swing mode [%s]" {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:swingMode"}
Switch AC_Office_Heater_MasterSwitch "AC power [%s]" <switch>  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:masterSwitch"}
String AC_Office_Heater_Fan_Level "Fan level [%s]" <fan>  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:fanLevel"}
Number AC_Office_Heater_Timer "Timer seconds [%d]" <timer>  {channel="sensibo:sensibosky:home:office:timer"}


Switch item=AC_Office_Heater_MasterSwitch
Selection item=AC_Office_Room_Mode 
Setpoint item=AC_Office_Room_Target_Temperature
Selection item=AC_Office_Heater_Fan_Level
Selection item=AC_Office_Room_Swing_Mode
Text item=AC_Office_Room_Current_Temperature  
Text item=AC_Office_Room_Current_Humidity