# LG TV control using serial protocol

This binding can send some commands typically used by LG LCD TVs (and some used by projectors).

See below for a list of supported channels.

# Supported Things

Supports one TV or projector per thing, also corresponding to a unique serial port. The protocol supports daisy-chaining of serial devices.

The LG serial command set appears to be similar on many models ([1], [5]), but not all commands will work on all models.

Some TVs may have an alternative port type instead of a standard DB9 connector, and may thus require an adapter.

The serial port may be marked "Service only".

Tested and developed with :

# Discovery

No discovery supported, manual configuration is required.

# Thing Configuration

It is necessary to specify the serial port device used for communication. On Linux systems, this will usually be either /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyACM0 (or a higher number than 0 if multiple devices are present). On Windows it will be COM1, COM2, etc.

The set id can also be specified when using daisy-chaining. That allows you to have a thing that will handle a particular device (with set id other than 0), and another to send command on all devices (with set id equals 0). However, the item values for the thing with set id 0 will never display the right values as it receives responses from many devices.

# Channels

The following channels are common to most TV through the serial or service port, taken from [4].

Channel type id Command Item type Description
aspect-ratio k c String Adjust screen format, at least 4:3, 16:9 formats
power k a Switch Turns the device on or off
volume k f Dimmer Sets the volume, values are from 0 to 100
volume-mute k e Switch Set mute on or off

As for others, please refer to the documentation of your device in the section named "Controlling the multiple product", "External control" or any section that refers to RS-232, the names of the channels map the command names. If your device documentation doesn't give such information, you can look at the "LG protocol references" below and use the "Generic LG TV" thing which should contain all the different possible channels/commands.

Note: Devices might not respond or return an error to some command when the device is powered off which will make your items look in a wrong state until the TV turns on. For instance, getting the volume status when the device is off makes no sense.

# All channel type ids

Here's a list of all the LG TV commands added to the binding, in channel type id alphabetic order

Channel type id Command Item type Description
3d x t String To change 3D mode for tv
2d-extended x v String To change 3D options for tv
aspect-ratio k c String To adjust the screen format
auto-sleep f g Switch Set Auto Sleep
auto-volume d u Switch Automatically adjust the volume level
speaker d v Switch Turn the speaker on or off
backlight m g Dimmer To adjust screen backlight
balance k t Dimmer To adjust balance, from 0 to 100
bass k s Dimmer To adjust bass, from 0 to 100
brightness k h Dimmer To adjust screen brightness, from 0 to 100
color k i Dimmer To adjust screen color, from 0 to 100
color-temperature k u String To adjust the screen color temperature
color-temperature2 x u Dimmer To adjust color temperature, from 0 to 100
contrast k g Dimmer To adjust screen contrast, from 0 to 100
dpm f j Switch Set the DPM (Display Power Management) function
energy-saving j q String To control the energy saving function
fan-fault-check d w Switch To check the Fan fault of the TV
elapsed-time d l String To read the elapsed time
h-position f q Dimmer To set the Horizontal position, from 0 to 100
h-size f s Dimmer To set the Horizontal size, from 0 to 100
input k b String To select input source for the Set
input2 x b String To select input source for set
ism-method j p String To avoid having a fixed image remain on screen
ir-key-code m c String To send IR remote key code
lamp-fault-check d p Switch To check lamp fault
power k a Switch To control Power On/Off of the set
osd-select k l Switch To select OSD (On Screen Display) on/off
osd-language f i String Set the OSD language
natural-mode d j Switch To assign the Tile Natural mode for Tiling function
picture-mode d x String To adjust the picture mode
power-indicator f o Switch To set the LED for Power Indicator
power-saving f l Switch To set the Power saving mode
screen-mute k d String To select screen mute on/off
serial-number f y String To read the serial numbers
software-version f z String Check the software version
sharpness k k Dimmer To adjust screen sharpness, from 0 to 100
sleep-time f f String Set sleep time
sound-mode d y String To adjust the Sound mode
speaker d v Switch Turn the speaker on or off
temperature-value d n String To read the inside temperature value
tile-mode d d String Change a Tile mode
tile-h-position d e Dimmer To set the Horizontal position, from 0 to 100
tile-h-size d g Dimmer To set the Horizontal size, from 0 to 100
tile-id-set d i Dimmer To assign the Tile ID for Tiling function, 0 to 25
tile-v-position d f Dimmer To set the Vertical position, from 0 to 100
tile-v-size d h Dimmer To set the Vertical size, from 0 to 100
tint k j Dimmer To adjust screen tint, from 0 to 100
treble k r Dimmer To adjust treble, from 0 to 100
volume k f Dimmer To adjust volume, from 0 to 100
volume-mute k e Switch Set mute on or off
v-position f r Dimmer To set the Vertical position, from 0 to 100
v-size f t Dimmer To set the Vertical size, from 0 to 100

# Not added or linked command

Channel type id Command Description
abnormal-state k z Used to Read the power off status when Stand-by mode
auto-configuration j u To adjust picture position and minimize image shaking automatically. it works only in RGB(PC) mode.
power-on-delay f h Set the schedule delay when the power is turned on (Unit: second)
remote-lock k m To control Remote Lock on/off to the set. Locks the remote control and the local keys.
reset f k Execute the Picture, Screen and Factory Reset functions
scheduled-input f u To select input source for TV depending on day
time f a Set the current time
on-timer-on-off f b Set days for On Timer
off-timer-on-off f c Set days for Off Timer
on-timer-time f d Set On Timer
off-timer-time f e Set Off Timer

# LG protocol references

[1] https://www.lg.com/us/commercial/documents/m6503ccba-owner-manual.pdf (opens new window)

[2] https://sites.google.com/site/brendanrobert/projects/bits-and-pieces/lg-tv-hacks (opens new window)

[3] https://code.google.com/archive/p/lg-tv-command/source/default/source (opens new window)

[4] https://github.com/suan/libLGTV_serial (opens new window)

[5] Manual LV series, LK series, PW series and PZ series https://gscs-b2c.lge.com/downloadFile?fileId=ujpO8yH69djwNZzwuavqpQ (opens new window)

[6] Manual for LD series, LE series, LX series and PK series https://gscs-b2c.lge.com/downloadFile?fileId=76If0tKDLOUizuoXikllgQ (opens new window)