# MyNice Binding

This binding implements the support of the IT4Wifi module through the NHK protocol and enables management of Nice gates actuators. IT4Wifi is a bridge between the TP4 bus of your gate and your Ethernet network.

# Supported Things

  • it4wifi: The Bridge between openHAB and your module.
  • swing: A Thing representing a swinging (two rotating doors) gate.
  • sliding: A Thing representing a sliding gate.

# Discovery

The binding will auto-discover (by MDNS) your module, creating the associated it4wifi bridge.

Once discovered, a user named “org.openhab.binding.mynice” will be created on it. You will have to grant him permissions using the MyNice app (Android or IOS).

Once configuration of the bridge is completed, your gate(s) will also be auto-discovered and added to the Inbox.

# Thing Configuration

First configuration should be done via UI discovery, this will let you get automatically the password provided by the IT4Wifi module. Once done, you can also create your things via *.things file.

# it4wifi Bridge Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text Hostname or IP address of the device N/A yes no
password text Password to access the device N/A yes no
macAddress text The MAC address of the IT4Wifi N/A yes no
username text Pairing Key needed to access the device, provided by the bridge itself N/A yes no

# Gates Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
id text ID of the gate on the TP4 bus connected to the bridge N/A yes no

# Channels

There is no channel associated with the bridge.

Channels available for the gates are :

Channel Type Read/Write Description
status String R/W (1) Description of the current status of the door (2)
obstruct Switch R Flags an obstruction, blocking the door
moving Switch R Indicates if the device is currently operating a command
command String W Send a given command to the gate (3)
t4command String W Send a T4 Command to the gate
courtesy Switch R/W Status of the courtesy light (4)

(1) : Accepted commands are : STOP, MOVE (2) : Valid status are : OPEN, CLOSED, OPENING, CLOSING, STOPPED (3) : Accepted commands are : "stop","open","close" (4) : There is no way to retrieve the current status of the courtesy light. It is supposed to be ON when the gate is moving and turned OFF once done. The delay between the moving end and light being turned off is a configuration parameter of the courtesy channel.

# T4 Commands

Depending upon your gate model and motor capabilities, some T4 commands can be used. The list of available commands for your model will be automatically discovered by the binding. This information is stored in the allowedT4 property held by the gate Thing itself.

Complete list of T4 Commands :

Command Action
MDAx Step by Step
MDAy Stop (as remote control)
MDAz Open (as remote control)
MDA0 Close (as remote control)
MDA1 Partial opening 1
MDA2 Partial opening 2
MDA3 Partial opening 3
MDBi Apartment Step by Step
MDBj Step by Step high priority
MDBk Open and block
MDBl Close and block
MDBm Block
MDEw Release
MDEx Courtesy ligh timer on
MDEy Courtesy light on-off
MDEz Step by Step master door
MDE0 Open master door
MDE1 Close master door
MDE2 Step by Step slave door
MDE3 Open slave door
MDE4 Close slave door
MDE5 Release and Open
MDFh Release and Close

# Full Example

# things/mynice.things

Bridge mynice:it4wifi:83eef09166 "Nice IT4WIFI" @ "portail" [
            username="neo_prod"] {
      swing 1 "Nice POA3 Moteur Portail" @ "portail" [id="1"]

# items/mynice.items

String   NiceIT4WIFI_GateStatus    "Gate Status" <gate>   (gMyniceSwing) ["Status","Opening"]     {channel="mynice:swing:83eef09166:1:status"}
String   NiceIT4WIFI_Obstruction   "Obstruction" <none>   (gMyniceSwing)                          {channel="mynice:swing:83eef09166:1:obstruct"}
Switch   NiceIT4WIFI_Moving        "Moving"      <motion> (gMyniceSwing) ["Status","Vibration"]   {channel="mynice:swing:83eef09166:1:moving"}
String   NiceIT4WIFI_Command       "Command"     <none>   (gMyniceSwing)                          {channel="mynice:swing:83eef09166:1:command"}
Switch   NiceIT4WIFI_Command       "Courtesy Light" <light> (gMyniceSwing)                        {channel="mynice:swing:83eef09166:1:courtesy"}