# Gembird energenie Binding

This binding integrates the Gembird energenie range of power extenders by using the Energenie Data Exchange Protocol and power reading devices through HTTP interface.

# Supported Things

The Binding supports PM2-LAN, PMS-LAN, PMS2-LAN or PMS-WLAN power extenders as well as PWM-LAN power measurement devices.

# Discovery

Gembird energenie devices don't support autodiscovery, all Things need to be created manually.

# Binding Configuration

The Binding does not need any specific configuration

# Thing Configuration

The device requires the IP-address and a password as a configuration value in order for the binding to know where to access it and to login to the device.

Parameter Description
host IP-Address of energenie device
password Password to access energenie device, defaults to "1"

# Channels

The following channels are supported by PM2-LAN, PMS-LAN, PMS2-LAN or PMS-WLAN devices

channel type description
socket1 Switch This is the control channel for the first socket
socket2 Switch This is the control channel for the second socket
socket3 Switch This is the control channel for the third socket
socket4 Switch This is the control channel for the fourth socket

PWM-LAN devices support the following channels

channel type description
voltage Number:ElectricPotential Channel for output voltage measurement
current Number:ElectricCurrent Channel for output current measurement
power Number:Power Channel for output power measurement
energy Number:Energy channel for output energy measurement

# Full Example


Thing energenie:pm2lan:pm2lan [ host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", password="your password" ]
Thing energenie:pmslan:pmslan [ host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", password="your password" ]
Thing energenie:pms2lan:pms2lan [ host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", password="your password" ]
Thing energenie:pmswlan:pmswlan [ host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", password="your password" ]
Thing energenie:pwmlan:pwmlan [ host="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", password="your password" ]


//Power extenders
Switch Socket1  { channel="energenie:pm2lan:pm2lan:socket1" }
Switch Socket2  { channel="energenie:pm2lan:pm2lan:socket2" }
Switch Socket3  { channel="energenie:pm2lan:pm2lan:socket3" }
Switch Socket4  { channel="energenie:pm2lan:pm2lan:socket4" }

//Power measurement
Number Voltage { channel="energenie:pwmlan:pwmlan:voltage" }
Number Current { channel="energenie:pwmlan:pwmlan:current" }
Number Power { channel="energenie:pwmlan:pwmlan:power" }
Number Energy { channel="energenie:pwmlan:pwmlan:energy" }


sitemap energenie label="Energenie Devices"
    Frame {
       // Power extenders
       Switch item=Socket1
       Switch item=Socket2
       Switch item=Socket3
       Switch item=Socket4
       // Power measurement
       Number item=Voltage
       Number item=Current
       Number item=Power
       Number item=Energy