# Hydrawise Binding


The Hydrawise binding allows monitoring and control of Hunter Industries's (opens new window) line of Hydrawise (opens new window) internet connected irrigation systems.

# Supported Things

# Account Bridge Thing

The Account Bridge Thing type represents the user's account on the Hydrawise cloud service. The bridge can have one or more child Controllers linked.

An account must be manually added and configured.

# Controller Thing

Controller Things are automatically discovered once an Account Bridge has be properly configured.

The Controller Thing type is the primary way most users will control and monitor their irrigation system. This allows full control over zones, sensors and weather forecasts.
Changes made through this Thing type will be reflected in the Hydrawise mobile and web applications as well as in their reporting modules.

Controller Things require a parent Account Bridge

# Controller Thing Supported Channel Groups

channel group ID
All Zones

# Local Thing

The Local Thing type uses an undocumented API that allows direct HTTP access to an irrigation controller on the user's network.
This provides a subset of features compared to the Cloud Thing type limited to basic zone control.
Controlling zones through the local API will not be reported back to the cloud service or the Hydrawise mobile/web applications, and reporting functionality will not reflect the locally controlled state.

Local control may not be available on later Hydrawise controller firmware versions.

Use Cases

  • The Local thing can be useful when testing zones, as there is no delay when starting/stopping zones as compared to the cloud API which can take anywhere between 5-15 seconds.
  • This is also useful if you wish to not use the cloud scheduling at all and use openHAB as the irrigation scheduling system.

# Local Thing Supported Channel Groups

channel group ID
All Zones

# Thing Configuration

# Account Thing

Configuration Name type required Comments
userName String False The Hydrawise account user name
password String False The Hydrawise account password
savePassword Boolean False By default the password will be not be persisted after the first login attempt unless this is true, defaults to false
refresh Integer False Defaults to a 60 second polling rate, more frequent polling may cause the service to deny requests
refreshToken Boolean False An oAuth refresh token, this will be automatically configured after the first login and updated as the token is refreshed

# Controller Thing

Configuration Name type required Comments
controllerId Integer True ID of the controller

# Local Thing

Configuration Name type required Comments
host String True IP or host name of the controller on your network
username String True User name (usually admin) set on the touch panel of the controller
password String True Password set on the touch panel of the controller. This can be found under the setting menu on the controller.
refresh Integer True Defaults to a 30 seconds polling rate

# Channels

# Channel Groups

# System Channel Group

channel group ID Description
system System status of the controller

# Zone Channel Group

Up to 36 total zones are supported per Local or Cloud thing

channel group ID Description
zone1 Zone 1 channel group
zone2 Zone 1 channel group
... Zone 3 - 35 channel group
zone36 Zone 36 channel group

# Sensor Channel Group

Up to 4 total sensors are supported per Cloud Thing

channel group ID Description
sensor1 Sensor 1 channel group
sensor2 Sensor 2 channel group
sensor3 Sensor 3 channel group
sensor4 Sensor 4 channel group

# Forecast Channel Group

Up to 3 total weather forecasts are supported per Cloud Thing

channel group ID Description
forecast1 Todays Forecast
forecast2 Day 2 Forecast
forecast3 Day 3 Forecast

# All Zones Channel Group

A single all zone group are supported per Cloud or Local Thing

channel group ID Description
allzones commands for all zones

# Channels

Channels uses across zones, sensors and forecasts

channel ID type Groups description Read Write
name String zone, sensor Descriptive name R
icon String zone Icon URL R
type Number zone Zone type R
run Switch zone, allzones Run/Start zone RW
runcustom Number:Time zone, allzones Run zone for custom length W
suspend Switch zone, allzones Suspend zone RW
suspenduntil DateTime zone, allzones Suspend zone unitl specified date RW
nextrun DateTime zone Next date and time this zone will run R
timeleft Number:Time zone Amount of time left for the running zone R
input Number sensor Sensor input type R
timer Number sensor Sensor timer R
offtimer Number:Time sensor Sensor off timer R
offlevel Number sensor Sensor off level R
active Switch sensor Is sensor active / triggered R
temperaturehigh Number:Temperature forecast Daily high temperature R
temperaturelow Number:Temperature forecast Daily low temperature R
conditions String forecast Daily conditions description R
day DateTime forecast Day of week of forecast (Mon-Sun) R
humidity Number forecast Daily humidity percentage R
wind Number:Speed forecast Daily wind speed R
evapotranspiration Number forecast Daily evapotranspiration amount R
precipitation Number forecast Daily precipitation amount R
probabilityofprecipitation Number forecast Daily probability of precipitation percentage R

# Full Example

Group Sprinkler             "Sprinkler"
Group SprinklerController   "Controller"    (Sprinkler)
Group SprinklerZones        "Zones"         (Sprinkler)
Group SprinklerSensors      "Sensors"       (Sprinkler)
Group SprinkerForecast      "Forecast"      (Sprinkler)

String SprinkerControllerStatus "Status [%s]" (SprinklerController) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:controller#status"}
Number SprinkerControllerLastContact "Last Contact [%d]" (SprinklerController) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:controller#lastcontact"}

Switch SprinklerSensor1 "Sprinler Sensor" (SprinklerSensors) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:sensor1#active"}

Group SprinkerForecastDay1 "Todays Forecast" (SprinkerForecast)
Number:Temperature SprinkerForecastDay1HiTemp "High Temp [%d]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#temperaturehigh"}
Number:Temperature SprinkerForecastDay1LowTemp "Low Temp [%d]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#temperaturelow"}
String SprinkerForecastDay1Conditions "Conditions [%s]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#conditions"}
String SprinkerForecastDay1Day "Day [%s]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#day"}
Number SprinkerForecastDay1Humidity "Humidity [%d%%]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#humidity"}
Number:Speed SprinkerForecastDay1Wind "Wind [%s]" (SprinkerForecastDay1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:forecast1#wind"}

Group  SprinklerZone1 "1 Front Office Yard" (SprinklerZones)
String SprinklerZone1Name "1 Front Office Yard name" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#name"}
Switch SprinklerZone1Run "1 Front Office Yard Run" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#run"}
Switch SprinklerZone1RunLocal "1 Front Office Yard Run (local)" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:local:home:zone1#run"}
Number SprinklerZone1RunCustom "1 Front Office Yard Run Custom" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#runcustom"}
DateTime SprinklerZone1StartTime "1 Front Office Yard Start Time [%s]" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#nextruntime"}
Number SprinklerZone1TimeLeft "1 Front Office Yard Time Left" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#timeleft"}
String SprinklerZone1Icon "1 Front Office Yard Icon" (SprinklerZone1) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone1#icon"}

Group  SprinklerZone2 "2 Back Circle Lawn" (SprinklerZones)
String SprinklerZone2Name "2 Back Circle Lawn name" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#name"}
Switch SprinklerZone2Run "2 Back Circle Lawn Run" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#run"}
Switch SprinklerZone2RunLocal "2 Back Circle Lawn Run (local)" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:local:home:zone2#run"}
Number SprinklerZone2RunCustom "2 Back Circle Lawn Run Custom" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#runcustom"}
DateTime SprinklerZone2StartTime "2 Back Circle Lawn Start Time" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#nextruntime"}
Number SprinklerZone2TimeLeft "2 Back Circle Lawn Time Left" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#timeleft"}
String SprinklerZone2Icon "2 Back Circle Lawn Icon" (SprinklerZone2) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone2#icon"}

Group  SprinklerZone3 "3 Left of Drive Lawn" (SprinklerZones)
String SprinklerZone3Name "3 Left of Drive Lawn name" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#name"}
Switch SprinklerZone3Run "3 Left of Drive Lawn Run" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#run"}
Switch SprinklerZone3RunLocal "3 Left of Drive Lawn Run (local)" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:local:home:zone3#run"}
Number SprinklerZone3RunCustom "3 Left of Drive Lawn Run Custom" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#runcustom"}
DateTime SprinklerZone3StartTime "3 Left of Drive Lawn Start Time" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#nextruntime"}
Number SprinklerZone3TimeLeft "3 Left of Drive Lawn Time Left" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#timeleft"}
String SprinklerZone3Icon "3 Left of Drive Lawn Icon" (SprinklerZone3) {channel="hydrawise:controller:myaccount:123456:zone3#icon"}