# Volumio Binding

This binding integrates the open-source Music Player Volumio (opens new window).

# Supported Things

All available Volumio (playback) modes are supported by this binding.

# Discovery

The Volumio devices are discovered through mDNS in the local network and all devices are put in the Inbox.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has the following configuration options, which can be set:

Parameter Name Description Required
hostname Hostname The hostname of the Volumio player. yes
port Port The port of your volumio2 device (default is 3000) yes
protocol Protocol The protocol of your volumio2 device (default is http) yes
timeout Timeout Connection-Timeout in ms no

# Thing Configuration

The Volumio Thing requires the hostname, port and protocol as a configuration value in order for the binding to know how to access it. Additionally, a connection timeout (in ms) can be configured. In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

Thing volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom "Volumio" @ "Living Room" [hostname="volumio.local", protocol="http"]

# sample Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text The hostname of the Volumio player. N/A yes no
port text The port of your Volumio device. 3000 yes no
protocol text The protocol of your Volumio device. http yes no
timeout integer Connection-Timeout in ms. 5000 no yes

# Channels

The devices support the following channels:

Channel Type Read/Write Description
title String R Title of the song currently playing.
artist String R Name of the artist currently playing.
album String R Name of the album currently playing.
volume Dimmer RW Set or get the master volume.
player Player RW The State channel contains state of the Volumio Player.
albumArt Image R Cover Art for the currently played track.
track-type String R Tracktype of the currently played track.
play-radiostream String RW Play the given radio stream.
play-playlist String RW Playback a playlist identified by its name.
clear-queue Switch RW Clear the current queue.
play-uri Switch RW Play the stream at given uri.
play-file Switch RW Play a file, located on your Volumio device at the given absolute path, e.g."mnt/INTERNAL/song.mp3"
random Switch RW Activate random mode.
repeat Switch RW Activate repeat mode.
system-command Switch RW Sends a system command to Volumio. This allows to shutdown/reboot Volumio. Use "Shutdown"/"Reboot" as String command.
stop-command Switch RW Sends a Stop Command to Volumio. This allows to stop the player. Use "stop" as string command.

# Full Example


Thing volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom "Volumio" @ "Living Room" [hostname="volumio.local", protocol="http"]


String	Volumio_CurrentTitle	    "Current Title [%s]"	    <musicnote>      {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:title"}
String	Volumio_CurrentArtist	    "Current Artist [%s]"	                     {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:artist"}
String	Volumio_CurrentAlbum	    "Current Album [%s]"	                     {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:album"}
Dimmer	Volumio_CurrentVolume	    "Current Volume [%.1f %%]"  <soundvolume>	 {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:volume"}
Player	Volumio	                    "Current Status [%s]"	    <volumiologo>    {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:player"}
String	Volumio_CurrentTrackType	"Current Track Type [%s]"   <musicnote>      {channel="volumio:player:VolumioLivingRoom:track-type"}


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
    Frame label="Volumio" {
        Slider item=Volumio_CurrentVolume
        Text item=Volumio
		Text item=Volumio_CurrentTitle