# IoTaWatt Binding

This binding integrates IoTaWatt™ Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor (opens new window) into openHAB.

Limitations of this version:

  • No authentication support

# Supported Things

The IoTaWatt binding supports one Thing called iotawatt.

# Discovery

The binding does not auto-discover the IoTaWatt device.

# Thing Configuration

# IoTaWatt Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text Hostname or IP address of the device N/A yes no
refreshInterval integer Interval the device is polled in sec. 10 no no
requestTimeout long The request timeout to call the device in sec. 10 no no

# Channels

The binding detects configured inputs and outputs and creates channels for them.

Channel Type ID Read/Write Description
Amps Number:Power amps RO The current amps
Frequency Number:Frequency frequency RO The current AC frequency
Power Factor Number:Dimensionless power-factor RO The current power factor
Apparent Power Number:Power apparent-power RO The current apparent power
Reactive Power Number:Power reactive-power RO The current reactive power
Reactive Power hour Number:Power reactive-power-hour RO The current reactive power hour
Voltage Number:ElectricPotential voltage RO The current voltage
Power Consumption Number:Power watts RO The current power consumption
Phase Number:Dimensionless phase RO The current phase

# Example Configuration

# Thing with Channels

Thing iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1 "IoTaWatt 1" [ hostname="" ] {
  Type voltage      : input_00#voltage "Voltage"
  Type frequency    : input_00#frequency "AC Frequency"
  Type phase        : input_00#phase "Phase"
  Type watts        : input_01#watts "Power Consumption"
  Type power-factor : input_01#power-factor "Power Factor"
  Type phase        : input_01#phase "Phase"

  Type amps : output_00#Input_1_amps "Amps"
  Type frequency : output_01#Input_1_hz "Frequency"
  Type power-factor : output_02#Input_1_pf "Power Factor"
  Type apparent-power : output_03#Input_1_va "Apparent Power"
  Type reactive-power : output_04#Input_1_var "Reactive Power"
  Type reactive-power-hour : output_05#Input_1_varh "Reactive Power Hour"
  Type voltage : output_06#Input_1_volts "Voltage"
  Type watts : output_07#Input_1_watts "Watts"

# Items

Number:ElectricPotential input_voltage "Voltage"           { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_00#voltage"  }
Number:Frequency input_frequency "AC Frequency"    { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_00#frequency"  }
Number:Dimensionless input_phase0 "Phase"               { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_00#phase" }
Number:Power input_watts "Watts"               { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_01#watts" }
Number:Dimensionless input_power_factor "Power Factor" { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_01#power-factor" }
Number:Dimensionless input_phase1 "Phase"               { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:input_01#phase" }

Number:ElectricCurrent output_amps "Amps"                               { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_00#Input_1_amps" }
Number:Frequency output_frequency "AC Frequency"                     { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_01#Input_1_hz" }
Number:Dimensionless output_power_factor "Power Factor"               { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_02#Input_1_pf" }
Number:Power output_apparent_power "Apparent Power"           { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_03#Input_1_va" }
Number:Power output_reactive_power "Reactive Power"           { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_04#Input_1_var" }
Number:Energy output_reactive_power_hour "Reactive Power Hour" { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_05#Input_1_varh" }
Number:ElectricPotential output_voltage "Voltage"                         { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_06#Input_1_volts" }
Number:Power output_watts "Watts"                             { channel="iotawatt:iotawatt:iotawatt1:output_07#Input_1_watts" }