# Herzborg Binding

This binding supports smart curtain motors by Herzborg (http://www.herzborg.com/pro_list.aspx?TypeID=1 (opens new window))

# Supported Things

  • herzborg A bridge thing that connects to a RS485 serial bus.
  • curtain A curtain motor thing that can be controlled via the herzborg bridge .

The binding was developed and tested using DT300TV-1.2/14 type motor; others are expected to be compatible

# Discovery

Due to nature of serial bus being used, no automatic discovery is possible.

# Thing Configuration

# Serial Bus Bridge (id "serial_bus")

Parameter Meaning
port Serial port name to use

Herzborg devices appear to use fixed 9600 8n1 communication parameters, so no other parameters are needed

# Curtain Motor Thing (id "curtain")

Parameter Meaning
address Address of the motor on the serial bus.
poll_interval Polling interval in seconds

# Channels

channel type description Read-only
position RollerShutter Controls position of the curtain. Position reported back is in percents; 0 - fully closed; 100 - fully open N
mode String Reports current motor mode: Y
0 - Stop
1 - Open
2 - Close
3 - Setting
reverse Switch Reverses direction when switched on N
handStart Switch Enable / disable hand start function N
extSwitch String External (low-voltage) switch mode: N
1 - dual channel biased switch
2 - dual channel rocker switch
3 - DC246 electronic switch
4 - single button cyclic switch
hvSwitch String Main (high-voltage) switch mode: N
0 - dual channel biased switch
1 - hotel mode(power on while card in)
2 - dual channel rocker switch

All the channels are read-write

# Example


Bridge herzborg:serial_bus:my_herzborg_bus [ port="/dev/ttyAMA1" ]
    Thing herzborg:curtain:livingroom [ address=1234, poll_interval=1 ]


Rollershutter LivingRoom_Window {channel="herzborg:curtain:livingroom:position"}


Frame label="Living room curtain"
    Switch item=LivingRoom_Window label="Control" mappings=["DOWN"="Close", "STOP"="Stop", "UP"="Open"]
    Slider item=LivingRoom_Window label="Position [%d %%]" minValue=0 maxValue=100