Belkin Wemo Binding

This binding integrates the Belkin WeMo Family. The integration happens either through the WeMo-Link bridge, which acts as an IP gateway to the ZigBee devices or through WiFi connection to standalone devices.

Supported Things

The WeMo Binding supports the Socket, Insight, Lightswitch, Motion and Maker devices, as well as the WeMo-Link bridge with WeMo LED bulbs.


The WeMo devices are discovered through UPnP discovery service in the network. Devices will show up in the inbox and can be easily added as Things.

Binding Configuration

The binding does not need any special configuration

Thing Configuration

For manual Thing configuration, one needs to know the UUID of a certain WeMo device. In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

wemo:socket:Switch1 [udn="Socket-1_0-221242K11xxxxx"]

For a WeMo Link bridge and paired LED Lights, please use the following Thing definition

Bridge wemo:bridge:Bridge-1_0-231445B01006A0 [udn="Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx"] {
MZ100 94103EA2B278xxxx [ deviceID="94103EA2B278xxxx" ]
MZ100 94103EA2B278xxxx [ deviceID="94103EA2B278xxxx" ]


Devices support some of the following channels:

Channel Type IDItem TypeDescription
motionDetectionSwitchOn if motion is detected, off otherwise. (Motion Sensor only)
lastMotionDetectedDateTimeRepresenting the Date and Time when the last motion was detected. (Motion Sensor only)
stateSwitchThis channel controls the actual binary State of a Device or represents Motion Detection.
lastChangedAtDateTimeRepresenting the Date and Time the device was last turned on or of.
lastOnForNumberTime in seconds an Insight device was last turned on for.
onTodayNumberTime in seconds an Insight device has been switched on today.
onTotalNumberTime in seconds an Insight device has been switched on totally.
timespanNumberTime in seconds over which onTotal applies. Typically 2 weeks except first used.
averagePowerNumberAverage power consumption in Watts.
currentPowerNumberCurrent power consumption of an Insight device. 0 if switched off.
energyTodayNumberEnergy in Wh used today.
energyTotalNumberEnergy in Wh used in total.
standbyLimitNumberMinimum energy draw in W to register device as switched on (default 8W, configurable via WeMo App).
brightnessNumberBrightness of a WeMo LED.

Full Example


wemo:socket:Switch1 [udn="Socket-1_0-221242K11xxxxx"]
wemo:motion:Sensor1 [udn="Sensor-1_0-221337L11xxxxx"]
Bridge wemo:bridge:Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx [udn="Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx"] {
MZ100 94103EA2B278xxxx [ deviceID="94103EA2B278xxxx" ]
MZ100 94103EA2B278xxxx [ deviceID="94103EA2B278xxxx" ]


Switch DemoSwitch    { channel="wemo:socket:Switch1:state" }
Switch LightSwitch   { channel="wemo:lightswitch:Lightswitch1:state" }
Switch MotionSensor  { channel="wemo:Motion:Sensor1:motionDetection" }
Switch MotionDetected  { channel="wemo:Motion:Sensor1:lastMotionDetected" }
Number InsightPower  { channel="wemo:insight:Insight1:currentPower" }
Number InsightLastOn { channel="wemo:insight:Insight1:lastOnFor" }
Number InsightToday  { channel="wemo:insight:Insight1:onToday" }
Number InsightTotal  { channel="wemo:insight:Insight1:onTotal" }
Switch LED1 { channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx:94103EA2B278xxxx:state" }
Dimmer dLED1 { channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx:94103EA2B278xxxx:brightness" }
Switch LED2 { channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx:94103EA2B278xxxx:state" }
Dimmer dLED2 { channel="wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231445B010xxxx:94103EA2B278xxxx:brightness" }


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
		Frame label="WeMo" {
			Switch item=DemoSwitch
			Switch item=LightSwitch
			Switch item=MotionSensor
			Number item=InsightPower
			Number item=InsightLastOn
			Number item=InsightToday
			Number item=InsightTotal
			Switch item=LED1
			Slider item=dLED1
			Switch item=LED2
			Slider item=dLED2