# SAICiSMART Binding

OpenHAB binding to the SAIC-API used by MG cars (MG4, MG5 EV, MG ZSV...)

It enables iSMART users to get battery status and other data from their cars. They can also pre-heat their cars by turning ON the AC.

Based on the work done here: https://github.com/SAIC-iSmart-API (opens new window)

# Supported Things

European iSMART accounts and vehicles.

  • account: Bridge representing an iSMART Account
  • vehicle: Thing representing an iSMART MG Car

# Discovery

Vehicle discovery is implemented. Once an account has been configured it can be scanned for vehicles.

# Thing Configuration

# account iSMART Account Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
username text iSMART username N/A yes no
password text iSMART password N/A yes no

# vehicle An iSMART MG Car

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
vin text Vehicle identification number (VIN) N/A yes no
abrpUserToken text User token for A Better Routeplanner N/A no no

# Channels

Channel Type Read/Write Description Advanced
odometer Number:Length R Total distance driven no
range-electric Number:Length R Electric range no
soc Number R State of the battery in % no
power Number:Power R Power usage no
charging Switch R Charging no
engine Switch R Engine state no
speed Number:Speed R Vehicle speed no
location Location R The actual position of the vehicle no
heading Number:Angle R The compass heading of the car, (0-360 degrees) no
auxiliary-battery-voltage Number:ElectricPotential R Auxiliary battery voltage no
tyre-pressure-front-left Number:Pressure R Pressure front left no
tyre-pressure-front-right Number:Pressure R Pressure front right no
tyre-pressure-rear-left Number:Pressure R Pressure rear left no
tyre-pressure-rear-right Number:Pressure R Pressure rear right no
interior-temperature Number:Temperature R Interior temperature no
exterior-temperature Number:Temperature R Exterior temperature no
door-driver Contact R Driver door open state no
door-passenger Contact R Passenger door open state no
door-rear-left Contact R Rear left door open state no
door-rear-right Contact R Rear right door open state no
window-driver Contact R Driver window open state no
window-passenger Contact R Passenger window open state no
window-rear-left Contact R Rear left window open state no
window-rear-right Contact R Rear right window open state no
window-sun-roof Contact R Sun roof open state no
last-activity DateTime R Last time the engine was on or the car was charging no
last-position-update DateTime R Last time the Position data was updated no
last-charge-state-update DateTime R Last time the Charge State data was updated no
remote-ac-status Number R Status of the A/C no
switch-ac Switch R/W Control the A/C remotely no
force-refresh Switch R/W Force an immediate refresh of the car data yes
last-alarm-message-date DateTime R Last time an alarm message was sent no
last-alarm-message-content String R Vehicle message no

# Example


Bridge saicismart:account:myaccount "My iSMART Account" [ username="[email protected]", password="MyPassword" ] {
  Thing vehicle mymg5 "MG5" [ vin="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", abrpUserToken="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" ]


Number 		MG5_Total_Distance_Driven		"MG5 Total Distance Driven"	["Length"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:odometer"}
Number 		MG5_Electric_Range			"MG5 Electric Range"		["Length"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:range-electric"}
Number		MG5_Battery_Level			"MG5 Battery Level"		["Energy"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:soc"}  
Number 		MG5_Power_Usage 			"MG5 Power Usage"		["Power"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:power"}
Switch 		MG5_Charging 				"MG5 Charging"						{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:charging"}
Switch 		MG5_Engine_State			"MG5 Engine State"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:engine"}
Number 		MG5_Speed				"MG5 Speed"			["Speed"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:speed"}
Location	MG5_Location 				"MG5 Location"						{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:location"}
Number		MG5_Heading				"MG5 Heading" 			["Angle"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:heading"}
Number 		MG5_Auxiliary_Battery_Voltage		"MG5 Auxiliary Battery Voltage"	["ElectricPotential"]	{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:auxiliary-battery-voltage"}
Number 		MG5_Pressure_Front_Left 		"MG5 Pressure Front Left"	["Pressure"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:tyre-pressure-front-left"}
Number 		MG5_Pressure_Front_Right 		"MG5 Pressure Front Right	["Pressure"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:tyre-pressure-front-right"}
Number		MG5_Pressure_Rear_Left			"MG5 Pressure Rear Left"	["Pressure"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:tyre-pressure-rear-left"}
Number		MG5_Pressure_Rear_Right			"MG5 Pressure Rear Right"	["Pressure"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:tyre-pressure-rear-right"}
Number		MG5_Interior_Temperature		"MG5 Interior Temperature" 	["Temperature"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:interior-temperature"}
Number		MG5_Exterior_Temperature		"MG5 Exterior Temperature" 	["Temperature"]		{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:exterior-temperature"}
Contact 	MG5_Driver_Door				"MG5 Driver Door"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:door-driver"}
Contact		MG5_Passenger_Door			"MG5 Passenger Door" 					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:door-passenger"}
Contact 	MG5_Rear_Left_Door 			"MG5 Rear Left Door"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:door-rear-left"}
Contact		MG5_Rear_Right_Door 			"MG5 Rear Right Door"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:door-rear-right"}
Contact		MG5_Driver_Window			"MG5 Driver Window"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:window-driver"}
Contact		MG5_Passenger_Window			"MG5 Passenger Window"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:window-passenger"}
Contact		MG5_Rear_Left_Window			"MG5 Rear Left Window" 					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:window-rear-left"}
Contact		MG5_Rear_Right_Window 			"MG5 Rear Right Window"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:window-rear-right"}
Contact		MG5_Sun_Roof				"MG5 Sun Roof"						{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:window-sun-roof"}
DateTime 	MG5_Last_Car_Activity 			"MG5 Last Car Activity"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:last-activity"}
DateTime 	MG5_Last_Position_Timestamp 		"MG5 Last Position Timestamp"				{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:last-position-update"}
DateTime 	MG5_Last_Charge_State_Timestamp		"MG5 Last Charge State Timestamp"			{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:last-charge-state-update"}
Number		MG5_Remote_AC 				"MG5 Remote A/C"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:remote-ac-status"}
Switch		MG5_Switch_AC 				"MG5 Switch A/C"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:switch-ac"}
Switch		MG5_Force_Refresh 			"MG5 Force Refresh"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:force-refresh"}
DateTime 	MG5_Last_Alarm_Message_Timestamp	"MG5 Last Alarm Message Timestamp"			{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:last-alarm-message-date"}
String 		MG5_Vehicle_Message			"MG5 Vehicle Message"					{channel="saicismart:vehicle:myaccount:mymg5:last-alarm-message-content"}

# Limitations

The advanced channel "force refresh" if used regularly will drain the 12v car battery and you will be unable to start it!

Only European iSMART accounts and vehicles are supported. API host configuration and testing for other markets is required.