Ruuvi Tag

This extension adds support for Ruuvi Tag Sensor Beacons.

Supported Things

Only a single thing type is added by this extension:

Thing Type ID Description
ruuvitag_beacon A Ruuvi Tag Sensor Beacon

Under normal conditions the ruuvitag should submit data every 10 seconds. However, if no data has been retrieved after 1 minute the ruuvitag is set to OFFLINE and the state of channels is set to UNDEF. When new data is retrieved when OFFLINE the ruuvtag is set ONLINE again.


As any other Bluetooth device, Ruuvi Tag Beacons are discovered automatically by the corresponding bridge.

Thing Configuration

There is only a single configuration parameter address, which corresponds to the Bluetooth address of the device (in format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX").


A Ruuvi Tag Smart Beacon has the following channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature The measured temperature
humidity Number:Dimensionless The measured humidity
pressure Number:Pressure The measured air pressure
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential The measured battery voltage
accelerationx Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of X
accelerationy Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Y
accelerationz Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Z
txPower Number:Power TX power
dataFormat Number Data format version
measurementSequenceNumber Number:Dimensionless Measurement sequence number
movementCounter Number:Dimensionless Movement counter

Note: not all channels are always available. Available fields depends on Ruuvi Data Format.



bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon  "RuuviTag Sensor Beacon" (bluetooth:bluez:hci0) [ address="12:34:56:78:9A:BC" ]


Number:Temperature      temperature "Room Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:temperature" }
Number:Dimensionless    humidity    "Humidity [%.0f %unit%]"         { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:humidity" }
Number:Pressure         pressure    "Air Pressure [%.0f %unit%]"     { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:pressure" }

// Examples of converting units
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_ms "Acceleration z [%.2f m/s²]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:accelerationz" }
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_g  "Acceleration z (g-force) [%.2f gₙ]" { channel="bluetooth:ruuvitag:hci0:beacon:accelerationz" }