# oh-video-card - Video Card

Display a video (URL or URL from String item) in a card

# Configuration

# Card

Parameters of the card

# title Title TEXT

Title of the card

Footer of the card

# noBorder No Border BOOLEAN

Do not render the card border

# noShadow No Shadow BOOLEAN

Do not render a shadow effect to the card

# outline Outline BOOLEAN

Show the card outline

# Video

# item Item TEXT item

Item containing the address of the video

# url URL TEXT

URL to show (if item if not specified)

# type Type TEXT

Content Type of the video, for example video/mp4 (optional)

# hideControls Hide Controls BOOLEAN

Hide the control buttons of the video

# startManually Start Manually BOOLEAN

Does not start playing the video automatically

# posterURL Poster URL TEXT

URL of an image to use as a poster before the video loads

# playerType Player Type TEXT

Select the player type (optional), defualts to Video.js

Video.js (Dash, HLS, Others)

# stunServer Stun Server TEXT

WebRTC stun server (optional), defaults to 'stun:stun.l.google.com:19302'

# candidatesTimeout ICE candidates timeout DECIMAL

WebRTC ICE candidates discovery timeout length in milliseconds (optional), defaults to '2000', '0' to disable