# oh-stepper-card - Stepper Card

Display a stepper in a card to control an item

# Configuration

# Card

Parameters of the card

# title Title TEXT

Title of the card

Footer of the card

# noBorder No Border BOOLEAN

Do not render the card border

# noShadow No Shadow BOOLEAN

Do not render a shadow effect to the card

# outline Outline BOOLEAN

Show the card outline

# Stepper

# item Item TEXT item

Item to control

# min Min DECIMAL

Minimum value

# max Max DECIMAL

Maximum value

# step Step DECIMAL

Minimum interval between values

# offset Offset DECIMAL

Offset to be applied to the Item's state (e.g. Item state = 2; offset = 20; stepper behaves as Item state would be 22)

# buttonsOnly Buttons Only BOOLEAN

Display the buttons without the value in the middle

# enableInput Enable Input Field BOOLEAN

Enables the input field between the buttons. Note that this might not work when min/max is set.

# small Small BOOLEAN

Smaller size

# large Large BOOLEAN

Larger size

# fill Fill BOOLEAN

Fill the buttons with the primary color

# raised Raised BOOLEAN

Display the buttons with a raised style

# round Round BOOLEAN

Display the buttons with a rounded style

# autorepeat Auto-repeat BOOLEAN

Continue to increase/decrease the value while the buttons keep being pressed

# autorepeatDynamic Dynamic Auto-repeat BOOLEAN

Speed up the increase/decrease over time while the buttons keep being pressed