# oh-sipclient-card - SIP Client Card

SIP Client to start and answer SIP calls

# Usage

Usage is explained at the oh-sipclient component docs.

# Configuration

# Card

Parameters of the card

# title Title TEXT

Title of the card

Footer of the card

# noBorder No Border BOOLEAN

Do not render the card border

# noShadow No Shadow BOOLEAN

Do not render a shadow effect to the card

# outline Outline BOOLEAN

Show the card outline

# SIP Settings

# iconSize Icon Size INTEGER

Size of the icon(s) in px

# websocketUrl Websocket URL* TEXT

Full URL of the WebRTC SIP websocket, e.g. 'wss://siphost:8089/ws' or relative path, e.g. '/ws', for Android & iOS, you need wss (WebSocket secured)

# domain SIP Domain* TEXT

# username SIP Username TEXT

# password SIP Password TEXT

# enableTones Enable tones BOOLEAN

Enable ringback and ring tone. Not recommended for mobile browsers, might cause issues. Ring tone might only work after interaction with the webpage.

# phonebook Phonebook* TEXT

Single SIP Address (phone number) for a single call target or a comma-separated list of 'phoneNumber=name' for multiple call targets. Used as well to display a name instead of the number for incoming calls.

# dtmfString DTMF String TEXT

Display a button to send a preset DTMF string while in calls for remote doors, gates, etc...

# hideCallerId Hide caller id BOOLEAN

Hides the username of the remote party for incoming calls.

# enableVideo Enable Video BOOLEAN

Enable video calling

# enableLocalVideo Enable Local Video View BOOLEAN

Display the local camera on video calls

# defaultVideoAspectRatio Default Aspect Ratio TEXT

Default video aspect ratio used to size the widget before video is loaded. Defaults to 4/3, 16/9 and 1 are common alternatives.

# disableRegister Disable REGISTER BOOLEAN

SIP registration can be disabled in case you only want to initiate calls, but not receive calls with the SIP widgets.

# enableSIPDebug Enable SIP debugging to the browser console (dev tools) BOOLEAN