If you are organizing an event around openHAB, please let us know in the Events category of the community forum. We will work with you to add it on this page.

Upcoming events

  • openHAB Hackathon @ Bosch Connected Expierience (BCX19)

    Berlin, Germany

    The openHAB Foundation will be Hack Enabler at Europe's largest IoT Hackathon, the Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) in Berlin, Germany. 700 developers, UX experts, product managers and designers come together to hack with cars, ebikes, robots, sensors, machines, smart home appliances, construction tools, and much more.

    Register now to hack on challenges by the openHAB Foundation or also on your own topics.

Past events


  • Homematic User-Treffen 2019

    Kassel, Germany

    Biggest community event for Homematic users in Germany. The agenda includes a talk about openHAB this year.

  • YaJuG

    Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

    Yannick is kindly invited by the Luxembourg Java User Group and will give a presentation and tour of openHAB, including a hands-on demonstration.

  • FOSDEM 2019

    Brussels, Belgium

    openHAB will be represented at FOSDEM 2019 with a stand and several maintainers and community members present. FOSDEM is free to attend, there is no registration... so come see us!

  • 3rd Berlin openHAB meetup

    Berlin, Germany

    A meetup of openHAB enthusiasts in Berlin to talk about their use of openHAB, hacks, rules, bindings and implementations.


  • Linuxhotel Workshop/Training

    Essen, Germany

    In this one-day workshop we introduce openHAB 2 to participants and show them how to configure and use certain aspects of the software; we also introduce MQTT and participants use an ESP8266 in order to work with openHAB and MQTT.

  • How to Develop a Smart Home

    Talcahuano 469 1er Piso Buenos Aires Argentina

    Learn step by step to build a smart home in an easy way with openHAB

  • Smart Home Day 2018

    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    The openHAB Foundation hosts another Smart Home Day co-located with EclipseCon Europe!

  • Smart Public Building Project & openHAB Academic Initiative 2018

    Stuttgart, Germany

    The agenda covers topics such as scaling from home automation to public buildings, applicability of openHAB in public institutions, self-learning systems based on openHAB, indoor positioning, smart building control, and Web-based 2d and 3d visualisations.

    Conference and workshops are located at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (city centre), scheduled right before Smart Home Day and EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg (approx. 30 minutes from Stuttgart).

    Friday, 19th October: Academic conference as part of the Smart Public Building Project and the openHAB Foundation Academic Initiative.

    Saturday, 20th October: Two full-day openHAB workshops for users (in German), and developers (in English). The workshops will take place in parallel.

    Conference and workshops are free of charge. There will be a networking dinner on Friday evening at the Café Königsbau, which has to be paid by the participants themselves.

    Registration for the Smart Public Building 2018 is now open. Please note, that the number of participants is limited.

  • Berlin openHAB meetup

    Berlin, Germany

    The second Berlin openHAB meetup: chat, presentations and code demos.

  • FrOSCon 2018

    Sankt Augustin, Germany

    Free Software and Open Source - these are the topics of FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference). Every year in August the computer science department of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, supported by FrOSCon e.V., will organize an exciting program with talks and workshops for visitors of all ages. The event is topped off with a fair of booths from FLOSS projects and companies. The social event, celebrated at Saturday night, offers the opportunity to exchange opinions with other visitors, speakers or volunteers.

    The talk about openHAB is scheduled for Sunday, 03:15pm.

  • Eclipse DemoCamp 2018

    Darmstadt, Germany

    Kai will do a demo with openHAB at this demo camp. Good opportunity to meet Eclipse SmartHome core developers!

  • Berlin openHAB meetup

    Berlin, Germany

    A meetup of openHAB enthusiasts in Berlin to talk about their use of openHAB, hacks, rules, bindings and implementations.

  • Ingenieurtag 2018

    Darmstadt, Germany

    Kai talks about „Interoperabilität im Smart Home“ at this event. Attendance is free and open to the public. Start is at 3pm in the Best Western Hotel Darmstadt, Grafenstraße 31.

  • SINTEG-Jahreskonferenz 2018

    Berlin, Germany

    openHAB is presented as an example for "Digitalisierung von Haushalten durch Smart Home Technologie" by Kai on June 6.

  • building IoT 2018

    Köln, Germany

    The building IoT conference is renowned for deep technical insights into the software engineering aspects of the Internet of Things. Kai is a member of the program committee and he also presents openHAB in his talk about smart home interoperability.

  • Silicon Saxony Day 2018

    Dresden, Germany

    Kai participates in the expert sessions and talks about interoperability in the IoT in the presentation "Mastering the diversity in smart buildings - A practical approach with openHAB".

  • JavaLand 2018

    Phantasialand in Brühl, Germany

    Philipp Hertweck gives an introduction to openHAB and shows how to easily integrate DIY components like Arduinos in the newcomer session "Erweiterbares, bastlerfreundliches Smart Home mit openHAB".