Class ScriptItemRefresher

    • Constructor Detail

      • ScriptItemRefresher

        public ScriptItemRefresher()
    • Method Detail

      • setModelRepository

        public void setModelRepository​(ModelRepository modelRepository)
      • unsetModelRepository

        public void unsetModelRepository​(ModelRepository modelRepository)
      • setItemRegistry

        public void setItemRegistry​(ItemRegistry itemRegistry)
      • unsetItemRegistry

        public void unsetItemRegistry​(ItemRegistry itemRegistry)
      • addActionService

        protected void addActionService​(ActionService actionService)
      • removeActionService

        protected void removeActionService​(ActionService actionService)
      • updated

        public void updated​(Item oldElement,
                            Item element)
        Description copied from interface: RegistryChangeListener
        Notifies the listener that a single element has been updated.
        Specified by:
        updated in interface RegistryChangeListener<Item>
        oldElement - the element that has been updated
        element - the new element
      • allItemsChanged

        public void allItemsChanged​(Collection<String> oldItemNames)
        Description copied from interface: ItemRegistryChangeListener
        Notifies the listener that all items in the registry have changed and thus should be reloaded.
        Specified by:
        allItemsChanged in interface ItemRegistryChangeListener
        oldItemNames - a collection of all previous item names, so that references can be removed