Class ThingStatusInfoI18nLocalizationService

  • public final class ThingStatusInfoI18nLocalizationService
    extends Object

    The ThingStatusInfoI18nLocalizationService can be used to localize the ThingStatusInfo of a thing using the I18N mechanism of the openHAB framework. Currently the description of the ThingStatusInfo is the single attribute which can be localized.

    In order to provide a localized description the corresponding ThingHandler of the thing does not provide a localized string in the ThingStatus.description attribute, but instead provides the reference of the localization string, e.g @text/rate_limit. The handler is able to provide placeholder values as a JSON-serialized array of strings:

     @text/rate_limit ["60", "10", "@text/hour"]
     rate_limit=Device is blocked by remote service for {0} minutes. Maximum limit of {1} configuration
     changes per {2} has been exceeded. For further info please refer to device vendor.
    Thomas Höfer - Initial contribution, Henning Sudbrock - Permit translations from thing handler parent bundles
    • Constructor Detail

      • ThingStatusInfoI18nLocalizationService

        public ThingStatusInfoI18nLocalizationService()
    • Method Detail

      • getLocalizedThingStatusInfo

        public ThingStatusInfo getLocalizedThingStatusInfo​(Thing thing,
                                                           Locale locale)
        Localizes the ThingStatusInfo for the given thing.
        thing - the thing whose thing status info is to be localized (must not be null)
        locale - the locale to be used (can be null)
        the localized thing status or the original thing status if
        • there is nothing to be localized
        • the thing does not have a handler
        IllegalArgumentException - if given thing is null
      • setTranslationProvider

        protected void setTranslationProvider​(TranslationProvider i18nProvider)
      • unsetTranslationProvider

        protected void unsetTranslationProvider​(TranslationProvider i18nProvider)
      • setBundleResolver

        public void setBundleResolver​(BundleResolver bundleResolver)
      • unsetBundleResolver

        protected void unsetBundleResolver​(BundleResolver bundleResolver)