Class ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent

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    public class ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent
    extends AbstractEvent
    ThingStatusInfoChangedEvents will be delivered through the openHAB event bus if the status of a thing has changed. Thing status info objects must be created with the ThingEventFactory.
    Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution
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      • TYPE

        public static final String TYPE
        The thing status event type.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent

        protected ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent​(String topic,
                                              String payload,
                                              ThingUID thingUID,
                                              ThingStatusInfo newThingStatusInfo,
                                              ThingStatusInfo oldThingStatusInfo)
        Creates a new thing status event object.
        topic - the topic
        payload - the payload
        thingUID - the thing UID
        thingStatusInfo - the thing status info object
        thingStatusInfo - the old thing status info object
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public String getType()
        Description copied from interface: Event
        Gets the event type.
        the event type
      • getThingUID

        public ThingUID getThingUID()
        Gets the thing UID.
        the thing UID
      • getStatusInfo

        public ThingStatusInfo getStatusInfo()
        Gets the thing status info.
        the thing status info
      • getOldStatusInfo

        public ThingStatusInfo getOldStatusInfo()
        Gets the old thing status info.
        the old thing status info