Class ChannelValueConverterConfig


@NonNullByDefault public class ChannelValueConverterConfig extends Object
The ChannelValueConverterConfig is a base class for the channel configuration of things using the ChannelHandlers
Jan N. Klug - Initial contribution
  • Field Details

    • mode

      public ChannelMode mode
    • unit

      public @Nullable String unit
    • onValue

      public @Nullable String onValue
    • offValue

      public @Nullable String offValue
    • step

      public BigDecimal step
    • increaseValue

      public @Nullable String increaseValue
    • decreaseValue

      public @Nullable String decreaseValue
    • colorMode

    • openValue

      public @Nullable String openValue
    • closedValue

      public @Nullable String closedValue
    • upValue

      public @Nullable String upValue
    • downValue

      public @Nullable String downValue
    • stopValue

      public @Nullable String stopValue
    • moveValue

      public @Nullable String moveValue
    • playValue

      public @Nullable String playValue
    • pauseValue

      public @Nullable String pauseValue
    • nextValue

      public @Nullable String nextValue
    • previousValue

      public @Nullable String previousValue
    • rewindValue

      public @Nullable String rewindValue
    • fastforwardValue

      public @Nullable String fastforwardValue
  • Constructor Details

    • ChannelValueConverterConfig

      public ChannelValueConverterConfig()
  • Method Details

    • commandToFixedValue

      public @Nullable String commandToFixedValue(Command command)
      maps a command to a user-defined string
      command - the command to map
      a string or null if no mapping found
    • fixedValueToState

      public @Nullable State fixedValueToState(String string)
      maps a user-defined string to a state
      string - the string to map
      the state or null if no mapping found