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@NonNullByDefault public interface QueryablePersistenceService extends PersistenceService
A queryable persistence service which can be used to store and retrieve data from openHAB. This is most likely some kind of database system.
Kai Kreuzer - Initial contribution, Chris Jackson - Added getItems method
  • Method Details

    • query

      Queries the PersistenceService for historic data with a given FilterCriteria.
      filter - the filter to apply to the query
      a time series of items
    • getItemInfo

      Set<PersistenceItemInfo> getItemInfo()
      Returns a set of PersistenceItemInfo about items that are stored in the persistence service. This allows the persistence service to return information about items that are no long available as an Item in openHAB. If it is not possible to retrieve the information an empty set should be returned.
      a set of information about the persisted items