Class ItemTimeSeriesEvent

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@NonNullByDefault public class ItemTimeSeriesEvent extends ItemEvent
The ItemTimeSeriesEvent can be used to report item time series updates through the openHAB event bus. Time series events must be created with the ItemEventFactory.
Jan N. Klug - Initial contribution
  • Field Details

    • TYPE

      public static final String TYPE
    • timeSeries

      protected final TimeSeries timeSeries
  • Constructor Details

    • ItemTimeSeriesEvent

      protected ItemTimeSeriesEvent(String topic, String payload, String itemName, TimeSeries timeSeries, @Nullable String source)
      Constructs a new item time series event.
      topic - the topic
      payload - the payload
      itemName - the item name
      timeSeries - the time series
      source - the source, can be null
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public String getType()
      Description copied from interface: Event
      Gets the event type.
      the event type
    • getTimeSeries

      public TimeSeries getTimeSeries()
      Gets the item time series.
      the item time series
    • toString

      public String toString()
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