Class EnrichedThingDTOMapper

  • public class EnrichedThingDTOMapper
    extends ThingDTOMapper
    The EnrichedThingDTOMapper is an utility class to map things into enriched thing data transfer objects (DTOs).
    Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnrichedThingDTOMapper

        public EnrichedThingDTOMapper()
    • Method Detail

      • map

        public static EnrichedThingDTO map​(Thing thing,
                                           ThingStatusInfo thingStatusInfo,
                                           FirmwareStatusDTO firmwareStatus,
                                           Map<String,​Set<String>> linkedItemsMap,
                                           boolean editable)
        Maps thing into enriched thing data transfer object.
        thing - the thing
        thingStatusInfo - the thing status information to be used for the enriched object
        firmwareStatus - the firmwareStatus to be used for the enriched object
        linkedItemsMap - the map of linked items to be injected into the enriched object
        editable - true if this thing can be edited
        the enriched thing DTO object