Class EnrichedItemDTOMapper


@NonNullByDefault public class EnrichedItemDTOMapper extends Object
The EnrichedItemDTOMapper is a utility class to map items into enriched item data transform objects (DTOs).
Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, Jochen Hiller - Fix #473630 - handle optional dependency to TransformationHelper
  • Constructor Details

    • EnrichedItemDTOMapper

      public EnrichedItemDTOMapper()
  • Method Details

    • map

      public static EnrichedItemDTO map(Item item, boolean drillDown, @Nullable Predicate<Item> itemFilter, @Nullable uriBuilder, @Nullable Locale locale)
      Maps item into enriched item DTO object.
      item - the item
      drillDown - defines whether the whole tree should be traversed or only direct members are considered
      itemFilter - a predicate that filters items while traversing the tree (true means that an item is considered, can be null)
      uriBuilder - if present the URI builder contains one template that will be replaced by the specific item name
      locale - locale (can be null)
      item DTO object