Interface TransformationService

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    public interface TransformationService
    A TransformationProcessor transforms a given input and returns the transformed result. Transformations could make sense in various situations, for example:
    • extract certain informations from a weather forecast website
    • extract the status of your TV which provides it's status on a webpage
    • postprocess the output from a serial device to be human readable
    One could provide his own processors by providing a new implementation of this Interface.
    Thomas Eichstaedt-Engelen - Initial contribution, Kai Kreuzer - Initial contribution
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        @Nullable String transform​(String function,
                                   String source)
                            throws TransformationException
        Transforms the input source by means of the given function and returns the transformed output. The transformation may return null to express its operation resulted in a null output. In case of any error an TransformationException should be thrown.
        function - the function to be used to transform the input
        source - the input to be transformed
        the transformed result or null if the transformation's output is null.
        TransformationException - if any error occurs