Class PeriodicReconnectStrategy


@NonNullByDefault public class PeriodicReconnectStrategy extends AbstractReconnectStrategy
This is an implementation of the AbstractReconnectStrategy. This strategy tries to reconnect after 10 seconds and then every 60 seconds after a broker connection has been lost.
David Graeff - Initial contribution
  • Constructor Details

    • PeriodicReconnectStrategy

      public PeriodicReconnectStrategy()
      Use a default 60s reconnect frequency and try the first reconnect after 10s.
    • PeriodicReconnectStrategy

      public PeriodicReconnectStrategy(int reconnectFrequency, int firstReconnectAfter)
      Create a PeriodicReconnectStrategy with the given reconnect frequency and first reconnect time parameters.
      reconnectFrequency - This strategy tries to reconnect in this frequency in ms.
      firstReconnectAfter - After a connection is lost, the very first reconnect attempt will be performed after this time in ms.
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