Class ServiceDescription

  • public class ServiceDescription
    extends Object
    This is a simple data container to keep all details of a service description together.
    Kai Kreuzer - Initial contribution
    • Field Detail

      • serviceType

        public String serviceType
      • serviceName

        public String serviceName
      • servicePort

        public int servicePort
    • Constructor Detail

      • ServiceDescription

        public ServiceDescription​(String serviceType,
                                  String serviceName,
                                  int servicePort,
                                  Hashtable<String,​String> serviceProperties)
        Constructor for a ServiceDescription, which takes all details as parameters
        serviceType - String service type, like "_openhab-server._tcp.local."
        serviceName - String service name, like "openHAB"
        servicePort - Int service port, like 8080
        serviceProperties - Hashtable service props, like url = "/rest"
        serviceDescription - String service description text, like "openHAB REST interface"