Class LocaleServiceImpl

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@NonNullByDefault public class LocaleServiceImpl extends Object implements LocaleService
LocaleServiceImpl provides helper method for working with locales in REST resources.
Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, Markus Rathgeb - Use locale provider, Martin Herbst - Support of different language definition variants, Lyubomir Papazov - Add component annotation, rename the class to LocaleService and add method tryGetLocale
  • Constructor Details

    • LocaleServiceImpl

      public LocaleServiceImpl()
  • Method Details

    • getLocale

      public Locale getLocale(@Nullable String acceptLanguageHttpHeader)
      Description copied from interface: LocaleService
      Returns the locale in respect to the given "Accept-Language" HTTP header.
      Specified by:
      getLocale in interface LocaleService
      acceptLanguageHttpHeader - value of the "Accept-Language" HTTP header (can be null).
      Locale for the "Accept-Language" HTTP header or default locale if header is not set or can not be parsed.
    • setLocaleProvider

      protected void setLocaleProvider(LocaleProvider provider)
    • unsetLocaleProvider

      protected void unsetLocaleProvider(LocaleProvider provider)