Class AbstractInboxEvent

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    InboxAddedEvent, InboxRemovedEvent, InboxUpdatedEvent

    public abstract class AbstractInboxEvent
    extends AbstractEvent
    Abstract implementation of an inbox event which will be posted by the Inbox for added, removed and updated discovery results.
    Stefan Bußweiler - Initial contribution
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractInboxEvent

        public AbstractInboxEvent​(String topic,
                                  String payload,
                                  DiscoveryResultDTO discoveryResult)
        Must be called in subclass constructor to create an inbox event.
        topic - the topic
        payload - the payload
        discoveryResult - the discovery-result data transfer object
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      • getDiscoveryResult

        public DiscoveryResultDTO getDiscoveryResult()
        Gets the discovery result as data transfer object.
        the discoveryResult