Class ConfigStatusService

    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigStatusService

        public ConfigStatusService()
    • Method Detail

      • getConfigStatus

        public ConfigStatusInfo getConfigStatus​(String entityId,
                                                Locale locale)
        Retrieves the ConfigStatusInfo of the entity by using the registered ConfigStatusProvider that supports the given entity.
        entityId - the id of the entity whose configuration status information is to be retrieved (must not be null or empty)
        locale - the locale to be used for the corresponding configuration status messages; if null then the default local will be used
        the ConfigStatusInfo or null if there is no ConfigStatusProvider registered that supports the given entity
        IllegalArgumentException - if given entityId is null or empty
      • addConfigStatusProvider

        protected void addConfigStatusProvider​(ConfigStatusProvider configStatusProvider)
      • removeConfigStatusProvider

        protected void removeConfigStatusProvider​(ConfigStatusProvider configStatusProvider)
      • setEventPublisher

        protected void setEventPublisher​(EventPublisher eventPublisher)
      • unsetEventPublisher

        protected void unsetEventPublisher​(EventPublisher eventPublisher)
      • setLocaleProvider

        protected void setLocaleProvider​(LocaleProvider localeProvider)
      • unsetLocaleProvider

        protected void unsetLocaleProvider​(LocaleProvider localeProvider)
      • setTranslationProvider

        protected void setTranslationProvider​(TranslationProvider i18nProvider)
      • unsetTranslationProvider

        protected void unsetTranslationProvider​(TranslationProvider i18nProvider)
      • setBundleResolver

        protected void setBundleResolver​(BundleResolver bundleResolver)
      • unsetBundleResolver

        protected void unsetBundleResolver​(BundleResolver bundleResolver)