Class ConfigStatusMessage

  • public final class ConfigStatusMessage
    extends Object
    The ConfigStatusMessage is a domain object for a configuration status message. It contains the name of the configuration parameter, the ConfigStatusMessage.Type information, the internationalized message and an optional status code.

    The framework will take care of setting the corresponding internationalized message. For this purpose there must be an i18n properties file inside the bundle of the ConfigStatusProvider that has a message declared for the messageKey. The actual message key is built by ConfigStatusMessage.Builder.withMessageKeySuffix(String) in the manner that the given message key suffix is appended to config-status.config-status-message-type.. As a result depending on the type of the message the final constructed message keys are:

    • config-status.information.any-suffix
    • config-status.warning.any-suffix
    • config-status.error.any-suffix
    • config-status.pending.any-suffix
    Thomas Höfer - Initial contribution, Chris Jackson - Add withMessageKey and remove message from other methods
    • Field Detail

      • parameterName

        public final String parameterName
        The name of the configuration parameter.
      • message

        public final String message
        The corresponding internationalized status message.
      • statusCode

        public final Integer statusCode
        The optional status code of the configuration status message; to be used if there are additional information to be provided.