Class ResourceBundleClassLoader

  • public class ResourceBundleClassLoader
    extends ClassLoader
    The ResourceBundleClassLoader is a user defined classloader which is responsible to map files within an OSGi bundle to URLs. This implementation only supports the method getResource(String) for mappings.
    Michael Grammling - Initial contribution, Martin Herbst - UTF-8 replaced by ISO-8859-1 to follow Java standards
    • Constructor Detail

      • ResourceBundleClassLoader

        public ResourceBundleClassLoader​(org.osgi.framework.Bundle bundle,
                                         String path,
                                         String filePattern)
                                  throws IllegalArgumentException
        Creates a new instance of this class with the specified parameters.
        bundle - the bundle whose files should be mapped (must not be null)
        path - the path within the bundle which should be considered to be mapped. If null is set, all files within the bundle are considered.
        filePattern - the pattern for files to be considered within the specified path. If null is set, all files within the specified path are considered.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the bundle is null