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    public interface TriggerHandlerCallback
    extends ModuleHandlerCallback
    This is a callback interface to RuleManager which is used by the TriggerHandler to notify the RuleManager about firing of the Trigger. These calls from Triggers must be stored in a queue and applied to the RuleAngine in order of their appearance. Each Rule has to create its own instance of TriggerHandlerCallback.
    Yordan Mihaylov - Initial contribution, Kai Kreuzer - made it a sub-interface of ModuleHandlerCallback, Fabian Wolter - Add method for retrieving the handler's scheduler
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        void triggered​(Trigger trigger,
                       Map<String,​?> context)
        This method is used by the TriggerHandler to notify the RuleManager when the liked Trigger instance was fired.
        trigger - instance of trigger which was fired. When one TriggerHandler serve more then one Trigger instances, this parameter defines which trigger was fired.
        context - is a Map of output values of the triggered Trigger. Each entry of the map contains: