Interface OAuthFactory

  • @NonNullByDefault
    public interface OAuthFactory
    The OAuth Factory interface
    Michael Bock - Initial contribution, Gary Tse - ESH Adaptation, Hilbrand Bouwkamp - Change create to have a handle as parameter.
    • Method Detail

      • createOAuthClientService

        OAuthClientService createOAuthClientService​(String handle,
                                                    String tokenUrl,
                                                    @Nullable String authorizationUrl,
                                                    String clientId,
                                                    @Nullable String clientSecret,
                                                    @Nullable String scope,
                                                    @Nullable Boolean supportsBasicAuth)
        Creates a new oauth service. Use this method only once to obtain a handle and store this handle for further in a persistent storage container.
        handle - the handle to the oauth service
        tokenUrl - the token url of the oauth provider. This is used for getting access token.
        authorizationUrl - the authorization url of the oauth provider. This is used purely for generating authorization code/ url.
        clientId - the client id
        clientSecret - the client secret (optional)
        scope - the desired scope
        supportsBasicAuth - whether the OAuth provider supports basic authorization or the client id and client secret should be passed as form params. true - use http basic authentication, false - do not use http basic authentication, null - unknown (default to do not use)
        the oauth service
      • getOAuthClientService

        @Nullable OAuthClientService getOAuthClientService​(String handle)
        Gets the oauth service for a given handle
        handle - the handle to the oauth service
        the oauth service or null if it doesn't exist
      • ungetOAuthService

        void ungetOAuthService​(String handle)
        Unget an oauth service, this unget/unregister the service, and frees the resources. The existing tokens/ configurations (persisted parameters) are still saved in the store. It will internally call OAuthClientService#close(). Best practise: unget, and close the OAuth service with this method! If OAuth service is closed directly, without using #ungetOAuthService(String), then a small residual footprint is left in the cache.
        handle - the handle to the oauth service
      • deleteServiceAndAccessToken

        void deleteServiceAndAccessToken​(String handle)
        This method is for unget/unregister the service, then DELETE access token, configuration data from the store
        handle -