Class StrippedThingTypeDTO

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    public class StrippedThingTypeDTO
    extends Object
    This is a data transfer object that is used to serialize stripped thing types. Stripped thing types exclude the parameters, configDescription and channels
    Miki Jankov - Initial contribution
    • Field Detail

      • description

        public String description
      • category

        public String category
      • listed

        public boolean listed
      • supportedBridgeTypeUIDs

        public List<String> supportedBridgeTypeUIDs
      • bridge

        public boolean bridge
    • Constructor Detail

      • StrippedThingTypeDTO

        public StrippedThingTypeDTO()
      • StrippedThingTypeDTO

        public StrippedThingTypeDTO​(String UID,
                                    String label,
                                    String description,
                                    String category,
                                    boolean listed,
                                    List<String> supportedBridgeTypeUIDs,
                                    boolean bridge)